Croatian citizens

Croatian citizens

With the extension of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (FZA) to include Croatia, nationals of this country now have the opportunity to take up residence in Switzerland and pursue gainful employment. The conditions for the foregoing are either that employment can be found or they are able to live on their own means. Coordination of social security measures and recognition of diplomas is also ensured by the FZA. Nationals of the new EU Member States are not subject to the visa requirement.

Restrictions on immigration

The cantons are responsible for checking whether the priority for nationals principle is respected and to ensure that the local going rates are paid and working conditions are adhered to. Annual quotas will be allotted and contingents will be incremented each year.

Priority for nationals and salary controls

With respect to granting priority to nationals, employers in Switzerland have to prove that they have been unsuccessful in recruiting candidates for vacancies on the domestic market and that they have been unable to find appropriate staff (Swiss or foreigners already integrated into the Swiss market).

Salary controls ensure employees from Croatia are offered the same working conditions and salaries as local people. Before issuing a work permit the employment authority checks to see whether the labour contract is in compliance with the main legal provisions.