Supporting Resident Firms


We are the point of contact for resident firms

There are approximately 116'000 firms with almost 994'000 employees in the Canton of Zurich (Source: More than ninety-nine per cent of these companies are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with fewer than 250 employees.
The range of our support to resident firms and organisations includes:

  • Work permits
  • Permits in general
  • Projects that require the assistance of several different offices (e.g. change of registered company seat or business expansion).

A one-stop-shop-service is available for complex projects. The aim of this service is to bring together all project parties and to determine measures that will ensure a swift achievement of the goals set.

We promote networking

We promote networking between the business sector, politics and academia, with the aim of identifying challenges in a timely fashion and enabling action to be taken accordingly. Our instruments are:

  • Top-level talks
  • Company visits
  • Location and cluster dialogues

We provide the impulse

As well as responding to company inquiries, we focus and provide impetus on topics of significance for the development of the local economy (e.g., technology transfer and succession). To the extent possible we also offer our services as a door-opener, for instance, in connection with accessing local and foreign markets. These services are provided in collaboration with our network partners in Switzerland and abroad.