Business Location

A charismatic place to live and work

The Canton of Zurich is an important growth driver of the Swiss economy. With an annual GDP volume of over 120 billion Swiss francs – which is more than twenty per cent of Switzerland’s GDP – Zurich accounts for the largest economic performance and value added in Switzerland.

Zurich for work, research and finance

Zurich is a highly attractive place to live, where opportunities for recreational activities abound. It is also a popular tourist destination and much more besides.

Here are some of the many attributes that characterise Zurich:

  • Highest quality of life
  • Top universities, research institutes and think tanks
  • Balanced mix of businesses with numerous innovative companies
  • Internationally oriented business location
  • Attractive tax climate, liberal labour market and political stability
  • Local availability of qualified staff
  • Multi-lingual, open-minded people
  • Excellent links to international transport systems
  • Rich cultural and gastronomic tradition
  • The world’s safest metropolis

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