Setting up a Company

Foundation of companies

Every year more than 2200 companies are founded in the Canton of Zurich.

Various surveys highlight the broad diversity of business sectors in the Canton of Zurich (including the Federal Statistical Office, Cluster Report City and Canton of Zurich).

Thanks to the efforts of the technology-transfer agencies at the universities (including Unitectra and ETH Transfer), an increasing number of innovative companies are being established and new jobs created in that sector too.

If you are interested in setting up a company we are pleased to offer you the following information and support:

  • Information on the website (overview of legal structures and checklist for setting up a company)
  • Answering questions within the competence of the partners, including questions concerning permits, financing, registration in the commercial registry, social insurance
  • Free printed information, such as:

Furthermore, to the extent possible, we support platforms considered useful or that create value for those seeking to found a company. These platforms are run by organisations that do not pursue purely commercial goals.