Residents from non-EU/EFTA States (B permit)

Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (FNA)

General economic interest (Art. 18/19 FNIA)

Limitation measures (Art. 20 FNIA)

Precedence (Art. 21 FNIA)

Salary and employment condition (Art. 22 FNIA)

Personal requirements (Art. 23 FNIA)

Application documents for B permit

Please apply using the electronic form. If you have not yet registered, please request a password by selecting “New registration”. If you wish to apply using the form use the Application for an entry permit or the Application to take up/change employmnent.

Further application documents

For further documents please read our document "Explanatory Notes on Gainful Employment of Third-Country Nationals".

Application documents for extension

- Application form
- Employment contract
- Copy of residence permit