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Do you have questions about career or training in Switzerland? Do you need tips on how to search and apply for jobs or on how to finance education? You are welcome to contact career counselling for assistance!

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Information for migrants

The Career Information Centres «biz» (abbreviation for Berufsinformationszentrum) provide counselling and assistance with your questions regarding occupational careers in Switzerland.

Each biz has a so-called information counter where you can find free information material (in German) and learn more about education, training and careers in Switzerland.

For a short personal counselling in German, you can drop by your local biz unannounced during the opening hours of the information counter.

During short consultations at the information counter, you can ask questions about career and training. Career counsellors will answer your questions and refer you to other specialist departments if needed. 

Career counselling covers topics such as:

  • Profession, academic studies, education and continuing education
  • Labour market integration, searching and applying for jobs
  • Recognition of foreign diplomas
  • Professional qualification courses for adults
  • Financing education and continuing education programmes

Find your competent biz:

Diploma recognition

If you have completed your vocational training in another country, you can have the «value» of your diploma assessed in Switzerland. There are various Recognition Authorities for foreign qualifications and professions. Depending on whether your profession is regulated or not, the recognition procedure may vary:

  • If you wish to practise a regulated profession, a recognition (i. e. certificate of equivalence) is required. You can find a list of regulated professions on:
  • If you wish to practise a non-regulated profession, recognition of the foreign diploma is not necessary. In this case, the diploma provides direct access to the labour market. However, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI recommends obtaining a statement of comparability. This kind of statement rates the foreign diploma in comparison with the Swiss educational system.

The Department of Education itself does not recognise diplomas or professional qualifications. 

On the information platform you can find out whether recognition of your professional qualifications is required and which agency you can contact.

Info event for migrant parents

How to choose a career and look for an apprenticeship in Switzerland

Your child is at secondary school.
However, you need to improve your German.
You have a lot of questions.

  • What type of careers are available?
  • What is a basic vocational education (apprenticeship)?
  • What is a vocational school-leaving certificate (BM)?
  • Who can help in choosing a career?

Target group

  • Parents of young people in secondary school
  • Family members and interested parties

Participation is free of charge. Registration necessary.


next dates will follow in summer 2024

Berufswahl und Lehrstellensuche in der Schweiz

Info morning for migrants

Education system and working in Switzerland

You are living in Switzerland.
You would like to work here or get an education.
However, you need to improve your German.
You have a lot of questions.

  • What does «education system» mean?
  • What is a basic vocational qualification (apprenticeship)?
  • Can adults undertake a vocational qualification?
  • Are foreign degrees / diplomas recognised?
  • Where can I find and apply for work?
  • When is it good to talk to a careers’ advisor?

Participation is free of charge. No registration necessary.

Target group

Adults with questions on studying and working in Switzerland


next dates will follow in summer 2024


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