Department of Security

Mario Fehr

Head of the Department of Security

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Mario Fehr Government Councillor

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Safe, social, active. We make sure the public is safe. We have a social policy and a foreign nationals policy that are fair for all involved parties. And, last but not least, we are committed to getting as many inhabitants of Zurich as possible to live an active life.

About us

The Department of Security employs around 5,000 people. Although our duties and functions may seem very different from each other at first, we share a common goal: A canton that is safe, social, and active. We see safety as a comprehensive concept: It is not only the prevention and absence of violence or crime, but also guaranteeing reliable social structures.

«Without the personal commitment and dedicated work of its 5,000 employees, the Department of Security would be incapable of accomplishing its tasks.»

Mario Fehr, Government Councillor

The same applies to exercise: For many people, it plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy work-life-balance. It is also a wonderful way of bringing together different members of society. And it aims to include everyone, contributing greatly to a sustainable, lasting integration of all demographic groups in our country.

The Department of Security is divided into ten different offices.
The Department of Security is divided into ten different offices. The General Secretariat and the Appeals Department answer directly to the Head of Department. Source: Staatskanzlei/Staatskalender Image source: Staatskanzlei/Staatskalender Download picture «The Department of Security is divided into ten different offices.»




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