Polizeifahrzeug mit Triopan Polizei

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Our offices are in charge of and ensure public safety. That is one of the state’s primary duties. Without safety, there is no freedom and no prosperity – we need safety for everyone.

Committed to safety

Presence and intervention, managing and handling events, prevention, and inspections all contribute to objective and also subjective safety in the Canton of Zurich. The people of Zurich must be safe and feel safe. We do everything we can to make sure that is the case.

Cantonal Police Force

The main duties of the police are to fend off threats to our public safety and order and to remove disturbances. This particularly includes efforts to prevent criminal actions, increase road safety and prevent traffic accidents. The Cantonal Police Force, being Switzerland’s largest police corps, always aspires to be at the forefront of all areas of its work on a national level, which is why everyone in the police force always gives their best. Not because they expect to receive an award in the end, but because the results of their efforts directly benefit the people of Zurich.

Office for Military Affairs and Civil Defence

The OMACD administers the regulations of the Federal Law concerning Military Administration, civil protection, and the military service exemption tax.

Military Administration

The first and last contact with the army that the public has is with the cantonal Military Administration:

  • It coordinates the military service and ascertains the mandatory target practice of the servicemen.
  • It informs all Swiss citizens about its services when they turn 16, organizes events for those with a duty to enlist and discharges members of the armed forces after having fulfilled their military duties.

Civil Protection Organization:

The Civil Protection Organization fulfils an important purpose in and for our country. Catastrophes and emergencies, such as a flood or a pandemic, could occur at any time. The Civil Protection Organization helps manage these kinds of events in the Canton of Zurich and the rest of Switzerland.

Road Traffic Office

The Road Traffic Office makes sure that the vehicles and boats that are circulating or waiting to be registered are roadworthy and safe to operate. It carries out the theoretical and practical driving tests and the necessary medical examinations and enforces measures (warnings, reprimands, revocations and suspensions of driver’s licences, road safety classes, etc.),

This making an important contribution to keeping the roads in the Canton of Zurich safe.




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