Government Councillor Mario Fehr

Mario Fehr, Government Councillor

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Mario Fehr has been Head of the Department of Security since 2011. In the 2019 elections, the Minister of Security was re-elected into the Government Council of Zurich with the highest number of votes


Dear resident of Zurich

We are experiencing the lowest crime rates of the last 40 years. This accomplishment is owed to the police and their outstanding prevention work and presence in public places. Whenever necessary, the police intervene, quickly and adequately. When it comes to protection against violence, the Cantonal Police Force ranks best in the country. I am committed to guaranteeing a properly equipped and excellently trained police force that serves us all, now and in the future.

Social assistance and welfare ensure that people in need never find themselves living below the national minimum subsistence level. Questioning the minimum subsistence level means undermining the foundation of social peace in Switzerland. I am highly committed to social balance.

Exercise is a fun, healthy, and sensible hobby. Exercising and playing sports contribute to a close-knit community and subtly promote integration. I want exercise and sport to play this important role more actively still – for example by promoting women’s football.

That is what I stand for and will continue to stand for. I am committed to ensuring that our canton is safe, social, and active. Now and in the future!

Cordially, Mario Fehr

About Mario Fehr

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Head of the Department of Security since 2011
President of the Government Council
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Without safety, there is no freedom

Ensuring safety is one of the most important duties of the state. It is the foundation for our freedom. There is no freedom without safety. As it is the canton that carries out this task – with and thanks to you, in part – this safety is and always will be for everyone. Inclusive and comprehensive safety. No matter the social status or the age. Regardless of background and gender.
The cantonal police protect our safety – day by day, regardless of punctual media coverage or individual political interests. And that is what matters in the end.
That is what really counts. That is what the people of Zurich are entitled to. And that is also what they feel and appreciate.

Municipal associations bring people together and contribute to the well-being of society at large.

During my 16 years in the Adliswil City Council and nine years in the Government Council as Head of the Department of Security, I was responsible for the promotion of sports on a municipal level. I had the pleasure of experiencing up close how much social value municipal associations create and how they are able to bring people together. It is truly remarkable. Without the sense of community and solidarity that these associations create, Zurich and the rest of the country would not be where they are today.

Asylum matters are tended to collectively by various partners.

The asylum system involves very demanding and diverse tasks, which is why various different partners work on it together. The people of Zurich support our asylum system: Over 70% of the population voted yes on the new Asylum Act. I see that as an approval of the way the canton and the municipalities exercise their responsibilities regarding asylum matters.
The high acceptance rate is owed to three factors: fair asylum procedure – repatriation – integration And because the asylum system is widely supported by the Swiss people, the country is highly successful at integrating non-native people. This, of course, requires the necessary commitment – from everyone.

1984 Graduation from the University of Zurich with a degree in law
1984-1985 Assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich
1985-1986 Intern at the District Court in Zurich
1986-1988 Intern at the Office of the Juvenile Prosecutor in Horgen
1989-1994 Position at the Arbeitserziehungsanstalt Uitikon (Uitikon correctional facility for juvenile delinquents)
1992-2008 Teacher at the Zurich Vocational School for Technical Professions (TBZ)
1994 Graduation from the University of Zurich as a teacher for general subjects in vocational schools
2006-2011 President of KV Schweiz, the Swiss Society of Commercial Employees

1986-1994 Member of the Adliswil Municipal Parliament
1991-2000 Cantonal Parliament
1994-2010 Member of the Adliswil City Council
2000-2005 Constitutional Council
1999-2011 Member of the National Council, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Science, Education, and Culture Committee


Football, hiking (on the Felsenegg, in the Appenzell or the Himalayas), jogging, biking, and sporting events of all sorts

Honorary member of the Zürcher Kantonalverband für Sport ZKS (cantonal sports association)

Honorary member of the Zürcher Turnverband ZTV (cantonal gymnastics association)

Honorary member of the Zürcher Fussballverband FVRZ (cantonal football association)




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+41 43 259 21 02