Cross-border commuters (G-permit)


A cross-border commuters permit is required to exercise gainful employment in the border zone of the Canton of Zurich.


Foreigners can be granted access to the labour market to exercise gainful employment if they are resident in the neighbouring border zone of a country (Germany) and are gainfully employed in the border zone of the Canton of Zurich. Holders of a cross-border commuter permit must return to their main place of residence abroad at least once a week. The salary and employment conditions and the precedence for domestic employees must be adhered to. A cross-border commuter permit issued by the Canton of Zurich entitles the holder to exercise gainful employment in Zurich's border zone (excluding the districts Horgen and Affoltern).



The following conditions must be fulfilled to acquire a cross-border commuters permit:

  • Permanent residence in the neighbouring country
  • Resident for at least six months in the neighbouring foreign border zone
  •  Precedence for domestic employees is checked
  • Salary and employment conditions costumary for the location, profession and sector

Application documents

Please apply using the online electronic form. If you have not yet registered, please request a password by selecting “New registration”. If you wish to apply using the form use the Application for an entry permit.

Further documents:

  • Reason for application
  • Proof of qualifications
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of the unlimited residence permit for Germany
  • Certificate of domicile for the foreign border zone
  • Employment contract
  • Identity card/copy of passport
  • Confirmation that the Regional Employment Agency (RAV) was notified of the vacancy