The database contains major decisions of the Government Council, the Departments as well as bodies depending and assigned to a Department as from 1 July 2001. This concerns decisions on appeals, in individual cases orders of the first instance. Published decisions are legally binding.

Administrative Court

The database contains select decisions of the Administrative Court of the Canton of Zurich in full text as from 1 January 2000.

Social Insurance Court

Above all, the database of decisions of the Social Insurance Court of the Canton of Zurich contains chamber decisions made since February 2003. Only in exceptional cases does it contain decisions and decrees on formal conclusions of the proceedings (non-approval of introduction, abandonment due to withdrawal or action devoid of purpose etc.), decisions by single judges (proceedings with value in dispute under CHF 20 000) as well as procedural orders.

Civil Court and Criminal Court

The collection of decisions contains select decisions of the Zurich Civil Court and Criminal Court deemed to be of general interest. The decisions are anonymised. The collection of decisions was initialised to 1 January 2003 and has been under construction ever since.

Construction Appellate Court

The Construction Appellate Court of the Canton of Zurich (formerly called construction appeals commissions) regularly publishes decisions of general interest on its website, including namely decisions creating a precedent. Current decisions of the Construction Appellate Court are published and a database of decisions regarding earlier decisions of the construction appeals commissions are made available.

Tax Appeals Court

Current decisions of the Tax Appeals Court (formerly known as Tax Appeals Commission) of general importance are published on a regular basis in anonymised form with a headnote under «Topical matters». A database with landmark decisions of the Tax Appeals Commission 2009 and 2010 as well as of the Tax Appeals Court as from 2011 is available as from March 2011.