Provision of services for more than 90 days per calendar year


Temporary stays for durations exceeding 90 working days per calendar year for the purpose of providing services not covered by the special services agreement are not subject to the conditions of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (FZA) between Switzerland and the EU. As a consequence no entitlement exists on the basis of the FZA. Access to the workplace is based on the Foreign Nationals and Integration Act (FNIA).


These temporary stays are governed by the conditions on the labour market (control of wages and working conditions) and on the criterion that employees must be highly qualified. If such conditions are met, individual service providers are issued a short-term residence permit or a residence permit EU/EFTA for the period during which the service is to be provided. The permit applies solely to the service to be provided for which the permit was requested.


Evidence must be given of the service to be provided. The duration and the purpose of the contract have to be documented on the basis of a service contract and project contract legally signed by the parties.

Application documents

  • Online application of application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Confirmation of posting with details of salary
  • Service contract, project contract
  • Exact details of the duration of the provision of services
  • Schedule

Furter Documents

For further documents please read our document "Explanatory Notes on Gainful Employment of Croatian Nationals".