About the Canton of Zurich

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Canton of Zurich itself is the first-person narrator taking viewers on a visual journey through Switzerland’s most important pivotal region, showing everything, from the modern to the traditional, the urban to the rural, that makes this such a diverse and varied place. The video showcases the high quality of life made possible not just by the canton’s political system, but also by the diligent, creative and innovative people who live and work there.

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Brochure «Canton of Zurich»

The brochure «Canton of Zurich» presents information on characteristic features of Zurich in a postcard format on 148 pages and demonstrates the international flair of the canton. The authors show the canton with all its facets. The photographers will take you on a visual tour of the most important regional centers and will demonstrate how closely linked urban and rural life are. This is precisely what constitutes the canton's high quality of life.