Department of Finance

Ernst Stocker

Head of the Department of Finance

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Ernst Stocker, Member of the Government Council

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Our focus: Strong and healthy cantonal finances and a moderate tax burden for the population and the economy. They are key factors that contribute to the good overall conditions and the excellent quality of life in the Canton of Zurich.

About us

Ernst Stocker has been Head of the Department of Finance since May 18th, 2015.

It employs over 900 people, most of which work at the cantonal Tax Office.

Cross-section tasks

The majority of tasks at the department can be subsumed under the term cross-section tasks: The Department of Finance assists the rest of the administration with their duties.

These include planning and governing tasks, especially in the fields of financial planning and tax policy. The Department of Finance prepares the fiscal decisions of the Government Council.

Other important cross-section tasks include the procurement of supplies, information technology, and human resource management.




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