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The objective of the Department of Finance is a taxation of the population and the economy that is as moderate as possible. This further increases the attractiveness of the Canton of Zurich as a place to live and work. It also includes a simple, easily understandable process when it comes to filling in the tax declaration.

Objective of the legislature

«Cantons and municipalities persist in the existing tax competition. The taxes take into account the principle of solidarity, upholding the taxpayers’ willingness to contribute.»

Government Council of the Canton of Zurich, objectives of the 2019–2023 legislature

Strengthen our resource potential

The Canton of Zurich offers high-quality business locations and a stable, reliable resource potential.

A targeted tax strategy is devised in order to maintain the tax base and make the canton even more attractive for innovative legal entities and natural persons.

Moderate tax burden

The Department of Finance has the tax burden assessed regularly. The Steuerbelastungsmonitor (tax burden monitor), published annually, ensures transparency and shows the position of the Canton of Zurich regarding taxes compared to the other cantons.

In the Canton of Zurich, taxation on income is below the national average. Taxation of the middle class especially is significantly more moderate than in a majority of the other cantons.

Tax Proposal 17

The Federal Act on Tax Reform (Tax Proposal 17) poses a considerable fiscal challenge for the Canton of Zurich. The Government Council devised a set of measures for its implementation. It is a competitive solution for the canton, its economy, the cities and municipalities, our jobs, and the population.

Remaining competitive

On September 1st, 2019, the electorate voted yes on the set of measures with a majority of 55,59 percent. This means that the Canton of Zurich will utilize all the instruments that the Federal Government provides for the cantons.

These include an increased deduction for research and development expenses. And thanks to deduction for self-financing, the finance companies that are important for the Canton of Zurich will stay here. Additionally, the profit tax rate is moderately reduced for all companies.

The Head of the Department of Finance has come to an agreement with the cities, the municipalities, and the churches as to how they will be recompensed by the canton for the loss of income. One requirement is that the loss of income be compensated by means of our normal budget planning and not by raising the cantonal tax multiplier.


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