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Carmen Walker Späh

Head of the Department for Economic Affairs

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Carmen Walker Späh, Member of the Government Council

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We promote and develop the Canton of Zurich as an attractive site for business and living. Our employees are committed to a strong business location with good overall conditions for companies and employees alike.

About us

Some 1,050 employees work at the Department for Economic Affairs, making an important contribution to the innovative capacities and competitiveness of Zurich as a business location.

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Current publications of the Department for Economic Affairs and its organizational units.


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Duties Responsible organ
Political and strategic management of overall transport, including the road fund (excluding real estate) Office of Transport (OT)
Air traffic, airport, management of the airport fund Office of Transport (OT)
Planning road infrastructures, strategic traffic management Office of Transport (OT)
Road construction permits and contributions system Office of Transport (OT)
Public transport including management of the traffic fund ZVV (Zurich’s public transport association)
Strengthening and promoting the Canton of Zurich as a business location Office for Economy (OE)
Work permits for foreign nationals Office for Economy (OE)
Enforcement of the measures accompanying the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons and office of the Tripartite Commission (TPK)  Office for Economy (OE)
Employee protection (occupational health and safety), work permits (enforcement of Swiss Labour Law and accident insurances) Office for Economy (OE)
Matters concerning industrial exterior noise (Environmental Protection Act) Office for Economy (OE)
Matters concerning the consumer credit business as well as private recruitment and hiring of services Office for Economy (OE)
Promotion of residential construction Office for Economy (OE)
National economic supply Office for Economy (OE)
Authority with right to appeal within the meaning of the Federal Act on the Acquisition of Immovable Property in Switzerland by Foreign Non-Residents (BewG) Office for Economy (OE)
Cantonal Office for Conciliation in Labour Disputes Office for Economy (OE)
Public employment service, unemployment insurance (enforcement of the Unemployment Insurance Act), regional employment centres (RAV) Office for Labour (OL)
Management of the unemployment insurance fund of the Canton of Zurich Office for Labour (OL)
Continuing education and employment programmes for persons not entitled to UIA (Unemployment Insurance Act introductory act) Office for Labour (OL)
Fachstelle Selbständigkeit (Office of Self-Employment) Office for Labour (OL)
Hotel, restaurant, and catering sector (supervision) General Secretariat (GS)
Rest days and shop opening hours (supervision) General Secretariat (GS)
Appeals against decrees of the offices of the Department for Economic Affairs and against decrees of the municipalities within the scope of application of the cantonal legislation on restaurants and inns General Secretariat (GS)

On January 1st, 2006, the transparency principle was introduced in the Canton of Zurich with the new Cantonal Constitution. It grants every person the right to access official documents as well as the authorities’ records. However, certain public interests (secrecy) and private interests (data protection) have priority, so the documents are neither published nor does the general public have access to them. The details are regulated in the Bill on Information and Data Protection (IDG) and the corresponding ordinance (IDV) as well as in other cantonal enactments.

Requests for information

Please submit IDG-based requests for information regarding business in the purview of our department to our General Secretariat and mention «Gesuch IDG» (IDG request). More information can be found here.

Directory of the information database

Every administrative unit publishes a directory of its information database (§ 14 paragraph 4 IDG). The directory contains an overview of the duties of the respective organizational unit (registry plan) and information on all systematically accessible data collections (§ 6 IDV).

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