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We are committed to providing a contemporary, enabling environment in order for our canton to remain an attractive and competitive business location with a high quality of life.

Promoting Zurich as a business location

A politically stable environment combined with first-class traffic and transport infrastructure and moderate taxes is the best basis for successful entrepreneurial action. National and international companies have chosen the Canton of Zurich for their headquarters, thus contributing to making its value added per capita one of the highest in Europe.

The proximity to science and research and thriving start-up scene offer many possibilities for future entrepreneurship and help create and preserve jobs in the Canton of Zurich.

Our main priority is to establish ideal overall conditions. That includes transparent and accountable processes and procedures when dealing with our offices in order to facilitate economic actions.

Smart regulation

Digital change and the ensuing new business models change our economic landscape and challenge companies and their employees. Questions that often arise when dealing with new business models concern possible employer obligations, how high the taxes are, and how data protection is handled.

Smart regulation of the economy is one of the principles of the Department for Economic Affairs. We develop smart solutions in cooperation with the involved players, in which a differentiated reflection on the situation and the dialogue between all players play a key role. That way, we can successfully master the changes in the industrial sector and maintain our strong economic position.

Shaping the future

In order to strengthen sustainable industries in the Canton of Zurich, we accelerate the networking of companies from the same sector along the value chain. We are the competence centre for questions about relocation, Zurich as a business location, and starting a company in the Canton of Zurich.

We also assess the issuance of work permits for third-country nationals and promote public housing.

We work for Zurich

With their work, our employees make an important contribution to fair and contemporary working conditions. The focus of our work lies on the prevention of occupational accidents and illnesses through inspections and on offering consulting services to businesses, authorities, and employees. We support companies in establishing management systems for workplace safety. We also monitor the work and rest periods as mandated by the Employment Act and issue temporary permits for working nights and Sundays.

In the context of the measures accompanying the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons and the Measures to Combat Illegal Employment, we make sure everyone complies with the existing labour and wage conditions as well as with the notification and permit obligations as per the laws on foreign nationals, social insurances, and taxes.

Dr. Fabian Streiff

Head of the Office for Economy

Walchestrasse 19, 8090 Zürich

Dr. Ursula Gehbauer Tichler, Head of the Office for Economy and Labour


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