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Natalie Rickli

Member of the Government Council

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Natalie Rickli, Member of the Government Council

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The population of the Canton of Zurich can count on a comprehensive health care system. It consists of far more than high-quality medical care and good hospitals: Effective medication, healthy animals, safe food, and quality assurance concerning utensils and objects of everyday use are also part of it.

About us

We care about the people of Zurich and their health. That is why our 450 employees work to guarantee high-quality healthcare every day.

Our competences include supervision and permit matters, the planning and financing of hospitals, tariffs, premium reductions, and, last but not least, prevention and health promotion.


The healthcare division ensures the planning and management of our healthcare system. It develops the statistical and planning bases, purchases the necessary services from hospitals and health institutions, and oversees performance and finance controlling.


The medical division comprises the units Cantonal Medical Service, Cantonal Dentistry Service, healthcare professions and licenses, and prevention. It continuously checks if the healthcare professionals and people who work in healthcare and medical institutions fulfil their professional duties and responsibilities properly.

Epidemics are a particular challenge, caused by communicable diseases such as COVID-19, measles, or the flu. The medical division does preventive work, for example through vaccination programmes and information campaigns. It plays an important role in protecting the people of Zurich.


The communications division of the Department of Health ensures transparent and reliable communication both inward and outward. It answers media requests, prepares press conferences, compiles content for the publications of the Department of Health, and supports the head of the department when she has public appearances.

Information on current matters is published continuously on the website, in press releases and media conferences, an on the social media channel Twitter.

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