Government Councillor Natalie Rickli

Natalie Rickli, Member of the Government Council

Natalie Rickli has been a Government Councillor and Head of the Department of Health since May 2019.

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Dear residents of Zurich,

Health is our most valuable asset. The health of the people of Zurich and the developments in this field are very important to the Department of Health. It is committed to high-quality, safe, and economically feasible healthcare, to excellent medical services, medicine, food, and utensils, and to financially feasible health insurance premiums. Veterinary affairs are also part of our duties – because we want both humans and animals to be healthy.

I enjoy working on and advancing the already very good and diverse healthcare system in our canton together with everyone at the Department of Health.

About Natalie Rickli

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Date of birth: 19 November 1976
Domicile: Winterthur
Party membership: Swiss People's Party (SVP)

Year Occupation
2018 – 2019 Independent communications consultant
2005 – 2017 Employed at Goldbach Group in Küsnacht in various functions; of which 8 years as Partner Relation Manager
1992 – 1995 Commercial apprenticeship at Fenaco in Winterhur

Year Occupation
Since May 2019 Head of the Department of Health of the Canton of Zurich
2014 – 2019 President of Aktion Medienfreiheit (for the freedom of the media), member of the board from 2008–2019
2007– 2019 Member of the National Council for Zurich
2011 – 2019 Member of the Legal Affairs Committee
2007 – 2019 Member of the Transport and Telecommunications Committee (president in 2016/2017)
2007 Member of the Cantonal Parliament of Zurich
2002 – 2007 Member of the Municipal Parliament of Winterthur




Stampfenbachstrasse 30
8090 Zürich
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