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The Zurich economic area is characterised by an exceptionally high concentration of information and communications technology companies, organisations and educational institutions.


Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a branch of industry operating without information and communications technology (ICT). Strategically speaking, ICT is becoming an increasingly pivotal competitive factor. The ICT eco system includes the following sub-sectors:

  • ICT hardware
  • ICT trade and distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • IT services

Growing Sector

According to the statistics on enterprise structure (STATENT), there were approximately 53,900 jobs in 5,300 ICT companies in the Canton of Zurich in 2016. The total for Switzerland was approximately 169,600 jobs in 21,200 companies. The gross value added in the Canton of Zurich amounted to approximately 11.03 billion Swiss francs, and 31.6 billion Swiss francs throughout Switzerland. According to an analysis conducted by the Swiss Labour Force Survey (SLFS), ICT specialists are employed not only within their specialised field, but also in other industries, such as finance, insurance, trade and consulting.

Well-known Representatives of ICT

Well-known ICT companies and facilities with roots or business activities in the Zurich area include Avaloq, Adnovum, Crealogix, Doodle, Ergon Informatik, Facebook, Google Research, IBM Research Laboratory Rüschlikon, Microsoft, Namics, Netcetera, Noser Group and Zühlke.  


eZürich brings together people who want to promote Zurich as an ICT location. Supported by the City and the Canton of Zurich and by a programmes committee, the goals and tasks of eZürich are

  • to strengthen Zurich as an ICT location and to make ICT skills and competencies visible,
  • to pool the energies of ICT players based in the Zurich economic area,
  • to include all stakeholders along the value-added chain (including user companies),
  • to strengthen existing initiatives.

The eZürich cooperation network is open to companies, organisations and individuals.

Education & Promoting Young Talent

The demand for ICT specialists is considerable and will further increase in the future. The following organisations offer educational programmes, measures to raise awareness and the opportunity to conduct experiments:

Key Players

Contact Partner

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Project Coordinator AWA Division of Business and Economic Development

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