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Cleantech is a key sector of Zurich’s economy and includes environmental technologies, energy technologies as well as the food industry. Thanks to its strong companies, universities and university spin-offs, Zurich is, today, a fast-growing cleantech hub.


The potential for creativity in the Canton of Zurich and the general trend towards greater sustainability are driving forces for innovative ideas, projects and companies. In addition, there is a growing demand for goods, products and services that must be reconciled with the finite availability of natural resources and the need to protect the climate. To that end, environmental, economic and social aspects must be brought together to achieve a sustainable approach to economic activities. In so doing, the use of cleantech will lead to sustainable growth that is environmentally compatible.   

Cleantech encompasses the following sub-sectors:  

  • Sustainable resource management (e. g. eco-design with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of relevant energy consumption products, taking the entire life cycle into account)
  • Renewable energy sources and materials (e.g. photovoltaics)
  • Efficient energy systems and applications (e.g. renovation of buildings)
  • Sustainable mobility (e.g. traffic/transport concepts)
  • Resource protection and emissions reduction (e.g. treatment of drinking water / wastewater treatment)
  • Food: development, production, packaging and delivery of food items

Well-known Cleantech Companies

Agile Wind Power AG, Amstein & Walthert, Carbon Delta, Climeworks AG, eaternity, Elektron, Ernst Schweizer AG, Flisom AG, Fluidsolids Biocomposites, H2 Energy, HeiQ, Katadyn Produkte AG, Kyburz, Siemens Schweiz AG, Sika Schweiz AG.

Well-known Cleantech Companies

Many well-known companies, including Lindt & Sprüngli, Delica AG, Fresh Food & Beverage Group AG, Barry Callebaut AG, Aryzta AG and Givaudan, have their head office in the Canton of Zurich.

In addition to large companies, an impressive number of start-up enterprises have been established in the domain of food tech in recent years, including Planted Foods that won the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award in 2021. Other start-up companies in food tech are: Sera Intelligence GmbH, Yasai, Crowd Container, Essento Insect Food,, Flavor Wiki and Mirai Foods.


Nowadays, society and industry are well aware of the more stringent requirements with respect to sustainability, efficiency and conservation of resources. Demands to that end have made it to the top of the political agenda. The Division of Business and Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich organises various events, such as the Lifefair Forum or the Swiss Green Economy Symposium, to provide a platform for representatives from business, academia and politics to discuss questions and ideas on a multitude of relevant topics.

One of our key aims is to bolster networking among food industry players in the Canton of Zurich: because an active, well-connected food scene drives innovation and contributes significantly to sustainability, thus making Zurich an appealing location for new companies.

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