The term «cleantech» is not clearly defined and covers a wide variety of technologies, products and services. Companies within the cleantech sector are thus very heterogeneous and, as such, only loosely organised.

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In order to reconcile the growing need for goods and services with the limited availability of natural resources and the need for climate protection, environmental, economic -and often also social- aspects must be brought together to achieve a sustainable approach to economic activities. In so doing, the use of cleantech leads to sustainable, environmentally compatible growth.  

The cleantech cluster includes the following sub-sectors:

  • Sustainable resource management (e. g. eco-design with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of energy-related products in consideration of the entire life cycle)
  • Renewable energy and materials (e.g. photovoltaics)
  • Efficient energy systems and applications (e. g. renovation of buildings)
  • Sustainable mobility (e. g. transport/traffic concepts)
  • Protection of resources and emissions reduction (e.g. drinking water / sewage treatment)

Well-known Cleantech Companies

Zurich’s cleantech sector includes the following well-known companies: Agile Wind Power AG, Amstein & Walthert, Carbon Delta, Climeworks AG, eaternity, Elektron, Ernst Schweizer AG, Flisom AG, Fluidsolids Biocomposites, H2 Energy, HeiQ, Katadyn Produkte AG, Kyburz, Siemens Schweiz AG, Sika Schweiz AG.


Nowadays, society and industry are well aware of the more stringent requirements with respect to sustainability, efficiency and conservation of resources. Demands to that end have made it to the top of the political agenda. The absence of cost transparency is a main cause (albeit not the only one) of long-term market distortion and, thus, of market failure and the »sustainability problem”.  

The broad spectrum of topics within cleantech and the differing priorities of the various stakeholders are best addressed through dialogue covering a wide range of subjects. The Division of Business and Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich organises activities with that in mind, in particular, within the scope of the Lifefair events.

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