Employment for Persons Seeking or Granted Asylum

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Recognised refugees and temporarily admitted refugees benefit from facilitated access to the labour market, as they have been granted permission to stay in Switzerland. By contrast, asylum seekers are only permitted to work under certain conditions.

Recognised refugees & temporarily admitted refugees

As of 1st January 2019, recognised refugees (B permit) and temporarily admitted refugees (F permit) no longer require a work permit. It is sufficient to notify gainful employment to the competent authorities. To that end, the respective employer must notify the authorities of both the start and end of gainful employment as well as of any change of job. The notification must include a declaration that the salary and employment conditions customary for the location, profession and sector are fulfilled. Gainful employment may be pursued in all sectors and Swiss cantons with no restrictions provided for in this regard.

Online notification must occur before the start of work by the employer, the self-employed person or the commissioned third party. The notification procedure is free of charge. The correct dispatch of the form entitles the person concerned to take up gainful employment.  

Note concerning the notification requirement:

Changes in weekly working hours, in other words, an increase or reduction of level of work for the same employer, is not subject to the notification requirement.

However, notification must be given in the event of a change of place of work within an existing employment relationship in view of possible labour market inspections.

Note concerning the online form:

Are you experiencing problems with sending the online form?

Please call our notification procedure team at +41 43 259 91 11.

Notification procedure for refugees and temporarily admitted refugees

Email: meldeverfahrenvaflue@vd.zh.ch

Phone: +41 43 259 91 11

9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

Asylum seekers

Asylum seekers (N permit) are not allowed to work during the first three months after submitting a request for asylum. Permission to work may temporarily be granted after said three months under certain conditions.

Precedence of domestic employees is a prerequisite in this respect. Domestic employees are defined as Swiss citizens, EU/EFTA nationals, settled foreign nationals and foreign nationals entitled to pursue gainful employment, recognised refugees, temporarily admitted refugees and people seeking protection.

Employers must adhere to the salary and working conditions customary for the location, profession and sector.


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