Applying for a Work Permit


  1. What documents do you need?

    We recommend that you prepare well before filling in the application. The following documents and details are useful in this regard:

    Personal details


    • Surname, first name
    • Full address
    • Date of birth
    • Civil status
    • Nationality
    • Surname, first name and nationality of parents
    • Number of immediate family members living abroad
    • Surnames, first names, dates of birth and degree of kinship of family members travelling with you

    Information concerning the employer


    • Company details and contact person within the company
    • Billing address in Switzerland
    • Type of employment relationship (permanent position, project, internship, etc.)
    • Is the person concerned already employed?
    • Since when / how long has the person concerned been employed?
    • Employer’s registered office
    • Information regarding the place of work in Switzerland

    Information regarding the stay in Switzerland


    • Desired length of stay
    • Home address in Switzerland
    • Listing of previous stays in Switzerland
    • In the event a visa is required: specification as to which Swiss representation abroad the visa will be picked up from  
  2. Additional documents

    Uploading of the following documents is mandatory:


    • Specific reasons for the application
    • Employment contract
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Copies of educational certificates and diplomas
    • ID, passport copies

    Please upload all of the documents in one single file. 



    The following additional documents are required for postings (employer abroad):


    • Confirmation of posting (for postings up to maximum four months, in other words, 120 days)



    • posting contract (for postings in excess of four months)
  3. This is how you submit an application

    You can submit a work permit application online via our web platform e-WorkPermits (eWP). The relevant links are listed below:

  4. What happens next?

    You need not do anything more for now. As soon as you have submitted your application to us online, you can view the status of your application and the name of the competent specialist responsible for reviewing your application. All further communication will occur via the web platform e-WorkPermits (eWP).


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