This page provides data on the economic significance of the ICT cluster, which comprises the following sub-sectors: IT services, telecommunications, trade & distribution and hardware.

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Cluster Density in the Regions

Workplaces and full-time equivalents compared to Zurich’s overall economy, 2018

Cluster Figures

Sub-sectors Canton of Zurich, 2018

%: Canton of Zurich in relation to the same cluster nationwide
123: absolute figures Canton of Zurich

Regional Distribution

Workplaces and full-time equivalents by region, Canton of Zurich, 2018

Cantons with a High Share of the Cluster’s Overall Market


Share Sub-Sectors

Canton of Zurich and Switzerland, 2018


ICT cluster and overall economy, Canton of Zurich, 2018

Newly Founded Companies in the Cluster

Canton of Zurich and Switzerland

Newly Founded Companies by Sub-Sectors

Canton of Zurich

Data Sources

Further Interesting Data


Office for Economy and Labour – Business and Economic Development Division


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