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Visualisierung des Innovationsparks Zürich

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As a renowned location for science and higher education, Zurich is a leading player both nationally and internationally. Zurich's universities, scientific institutions and platforms such as Innovation Park and research institutes of the ETH Domain push ahead in research and development within the Canton of Zurich.

Research Institutes

Innovation Park

The Innovation Park Zurich creates new platforms for research, development and innovation on the Dübendorf airbase. These platforms promote cooperation and exchange of knowledge between Zurich's universities, research institutions and the private sector with the objective of translating research results into marketable products and services.

Research Institutes of the ETH Domain

The ETH Domain comprises the two Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zürich) and in Lausanne (EPFL), as well as four research institutes:


The Federal Agricultural Research Institute (Agroscope) based in Wädenswil researches along the entire value chain of the agriculture and food sector.

Research institute Agroscope in Reckenholz
Research institute Agroscope in Zurich Affoltern. Image source: Agroscope, Foto: Gabriela Braendle

In addition to those institutes, numerous private companies are successfully engaged in research and innovation in the canton of Zurich: The IBM Research Zurich based in Rüschlikon, Sulzer Innotec based in Winterthur and the European research institute by Google based in Zürich, just to name a few.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is essential in economic utilization of technical knowledge. Interfaces between universities, research institutes and economy are of great importance in this regard.


Unitectra is the technology transfer organization of the universities of Basel, Berne and Zurich. Its services support scientists in their collaborations with the private sector and other institutions. In close collaborations with the scientists, Unitectra handles the translation of research results into new products and services, cooperating with existing companies and supporting the founding of academic spin-off companies.

ETH transfer

ETH transfer is the technology transfer office of ETH Zurich. It supports the ETH community in all questions relating to research contracts with the industry, inventions, patent applications and licensing. ETH transfer supports young entrepreneurs in the early stage of founding ETH spin-off companies.


Entrepreneurship@ZHAW integrates all start-up activities at the ZHAW and is the contact point and information centre for prospective start-ups and for members of the ZHAW who are interested in founding a company.




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