Partnership, Family & Children

Life events such as birth and marriage are events that must be officially registered. Parents may choose from a vast range of child care options.

Registering life events

At any stage of life, there are family or private events that must be registered and certified by the local civil registry office. This includes births and the acknowledgment of paternity as well as marriage and legal partnerships. The local funeral office will provide the necessary services related to the burial or cremation of a person who has died.

Child care

The Canton of Zurich offers a wide range of child care options away from the family home. Day nurseries, day-care families or playgroups look after babies and toddlers by the hour or by the day. After-school care centres look after children during kindergarten and school holidays. Schools often provide child care outside school hours. You will have to pay for many of these services are subject to charges and only a limited number of places available. We strongly recommend that you enquire about your options as soon as possible.

Family services and places to meet

If you wish to meet with other parents or participate in activities with your children, you will find various offers for mothers and fathers in most municipalities in the Canton of Zurich. There are playgroups for babies and toddlers all over the Canton of Zurich. A wide range of events are organised by family, neighbourhood and community centres as well as public libraries. Please check the respective websites to find out about current events.  

Questions related to child education and family life

If you have any questions about raising your children or about everyday family life, do not hesitate to contact an advice centre. You will find family counselling centres in every region of the Canton of Zurich. These centres assist parents with matters related to the care and development of children of up to five years old. Regional Child and Youth Support Centres («kjz Kinder- und Jugendhilfezentren») offer counselling services to parents with babies and children up to 18 years of age with regarding to parenting questions. These services are free-of-charge and confidential.

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