Information and advice centres

Here is a list of important migration-related information and advice centres for foreign nationals in the Canton of Zurich with contact details as well as details on the issues they cover and the languages in which they offer advice.

Migration-related Information and advice ­centres


phone +41 44 412 84 00

Infodona offers advisory services free of charge concerning the following topics:

living in Zurich, marriage and family life, legal issues, finances, work, and health. The advice centre for migrants domiciled in the city of Zurich provides information in the following 20 languages:

Albanian, Arabic, Croatian, Dari, English, French, German, Italian, Kurdish (Sorani and Kurmanji), Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Slovak, Spanish, Somali, Tamil, Tigrinya, Turkish and Turkmen (Iraq).

Information and brief consultations for Migrants in Winterthur and the Surrounding Area:

phone +41 52 267 36 93

The infoDesk in the city of Winterthur provides information and brief consultations on migration-specific issues for migrants without an appointment. The consultation is free of charge for residents of Winterthur and is offered in various languages.

Welcome Desk - City of Zurich Integration Office:

phone +41 44 412 37 37

The City of Zurich Integration Office provides free information and brief consultations in various languages to the residents of the city of Zurich. The staff are specialized in questions from newcomers from abroad and on the topics of migration and integration.


phone +41 44 291 00 15

This counselling centre provides legal advice related to migration and integration issues (e.g. right of residence, family reunification, work permit, visa, naturalization, etc.). Specially trained lawyers offer professional legal advice about issues related to immigration. An hourly fee of CHF 50 is charged. Legal advice is offered in the following languages:

German, English, French, Kurdish, Spanish, and Turkish.


phone +41 44 415 62 26

The Zurich Drop-In Centre for Issues Related to Racism, ZüRAS (Zürcher Anlaufstelle für Rassismus), offers advice and support for individuals who experience discrimination and racism due to their origin, skin color, or religion, whether at work, school, in the neighborhood, or during leisure activities. The consultations are free for residents of the Canton of Zurich. If necessary, conversations can also be conducted with the support of an interpreter.

General counselling

SOS counselling by the Swiss Red Cross (SRK):

phone +41 44 360 28 53

Experienced social workers provide counselling to persons facing challenging situations and who are in urgent need for help, irrespective of their origin or residence status. This offer is aimed at persons who live in the Canton of Zurich. The counselling service is free of charge and is offered in the following languages:

German, French, English, Italian, and Spanish.


Fachstelle Integration


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