Self-Assessment (SA)


  1. Self-Assessment (SA)

    This Self-Assesment supports you in your job search and will give you an orientation for your future applications. You will identify strategic fields of action, you could discuss and pursue with your personal consultant.

    This Self-evaluation is structured in the following parts:

    1. Personal positioning (What are my strengths, what do I want, what has the job market to offer?)
    2. Search area (where do I search a new employment?)
    3. Search strategy (how do I search for new employment?)
    4. Application documents (are they conform to the job market requirements?)
    5. Self-presentation (how confident are you in a job interview?) 

    The careful consideration of these questions, will take you approximately 20 minutes.

  2. Preparation

    To conduct this Self-Assement, you will need the following information which you will find on your registration documents from the RAV:

    1. Your eight digit personal ALV number (next to your address on the registration or on the registration documents for the job-room)
    2. E-Mail address of your personal consultant (in the footer of you invitation letter to your first appointment)

    Please conduct this self-evaluation in one go. You will have the possibility, to send the result to your personal Email at the end. Moreover, the documentation will also be sent automatically to your personal consultant and will be the basis for your first appointment.

  3. Submit Self-assessment SA

    Personal data

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    00000000 Input conforms to the specifications. Input does not conform to the specifications.

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    Please enter a valid email address.

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    Determination of position
    Based on points 1-4, I consider my professional status assessment to be complete; I know what I can do, and I know what the job market has to offer.

    This is a required field.

    1 = not true; I still have many questions / 8 = complete; all questions have been answered

    Search area
    Based on points 6-9, I am optimistic, given my search area, that I will find a new position within 3 months.

    This is a required field.

    1 = absolutely not true / 8 = absolutely true

    Search strategy
    I am looking for a new position through the following channels:

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    Based on points 11-13, and considering my search strategy, I am convinced that I will be invited to a reasonable number of interviews in the next 3 months.

    This is a required field.

    1=stimmt überhaupt nicht / 8=stimmt absolut

    Application Dossier
    When I compile my application documents, I ensure that:

    This is a required field.

    Based on point 15, I consider my application documents to be:

    This is a required field.

    1 = unusable / 8 = attractive and in line with the market

    The following comments apply to me:

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    Based on the statements in point 17, in relation to my self-presentation in job interviews I feel:

    This is a required field.

    1 = uncertain / 8 = completely confident

    I have selected the option «Copy my information by e-mail» (recommended)

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    Thank you very much.

    Your self-assessment was submitted.

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