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I. General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCB)

1. Preamble

The General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCB) apply solely to the use of the e-Work-Permits website provided by the Office of Economy and Labor (AWA) in Zurich and accessed by means of the links or Comprehensive systems have been put in place on this Web application to safeguard your data and ensure secure transmittal and storage of data.

2. Conditions of use and legal information

Please read the conditions through carefully. By accessing the website e-WorkPermits and its content you are agreeing to be bound by all the terms and conditions of use and the legal information pertaining to the website (and all the elements contained on the website). If you do not agree with any of the following stipulations, do not access the e-WorkPermits website. Should any of the terms in the GTCB be invalid or impracticable, this will not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

Please note that the terms of use may be subject to modification from time to time. Such modifications will only be made if there is any change in legislation and will only apply to future applications; they will not be applied retrospectively to applications that have already been made. The AWA retains the right to modify, interrupt, permanently suspend or close down services and facilities offered on e-WorkPermits at any time without prior notification. The AWA is not liable for damages of any kind which may result from such an action.

3. Addressees

e-WorkPermits is solely for the use of natural persons, legal entities, partnerships and corporations seeking work permits for nationals from other countries so that they can work in the Canton of Zurich.

4. Copyright

All the elements and content of this website are wholly and entirely owned by the AWA. Unless otherwise indicated, the content is protected by copyright. You are free to browse all the elements of the site; if you wish to reproduce any of the elements of the site, in whole or in part - electronically or in written form – you may only do so if you expressly name the AWA as the source. In every case where any such element is to be republished, permission must be obtained from the AWA prior to publication.

5. Warranty

The AWA makes information and opinions available on the site but accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of such information or opinions. The AWA accepts no liability for and issues no guarantees pertaining to the continuous defect-free functioning of the e-Work-Permits website, nor does it guarantee that interrupted services will be restored or that the e-Work-Permits site or its servers are free of viruses or other harmful components.

6. Disclaimer

In no event will the AWA be liable for damages or consequential damages of any kind (including negligence) arising out of or in connection with use of any of the elements of the e-Work-Permits website or of any of the links (or inability to use these links) to third party websites. The AWA will not be held liable for any manipulation of the Internet user’s own EDP/IT system by third parties. Applicants access and use the e-Work-Permits website of their own initiative and at their own risk.

7. Fees and payment

A fee is payable for preliminary decisions pertaining to the labour market made by employment offices as stipulated by the Ordinance of the Federal Council Limiting the Number of Foreigners of 6 October 1986 and according to Art. 12, Section 2 I of the Ordinance to the Federal Law on Residence and Settlement of Aliens (fee system ANAG of 20 May 1987). The Work Permits Department will be pleased to give further information on the fees charged for services.

Fees for residence permits (permits for foreigners) are payable to the Migration Office.

Please make no payments till you receive an invoice. Along with the decision you will receive an invoice showing the exact amount to be paid.

8. Legislation, legal venue

Swiss law is applicable. Zurich is the sole legal venue for disputes arising from the use of e-Work-Permits website.

© Copyright by AWA – all rights reserved. Version 1.1, valid from 1 January 2004

II. Data privacy policy

1. Privacy

Data privacy is guaranteed by the AWA in line with the General Terms and Conditions of Business of the Canton of Zurich with respect to maintenance of secrecy, data privacy and the security and protection of data while providing services based on information technology (GTB Security, September 2001) and commentary. See the website

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the following facts: When you access eWorkPermits, your data is transmitted on an open network in the public domain that can be accessed by other people. Data may be transmitted outside the borders of Switzerland, even although you and the AWA are in the Canton of Zurich. In particular, this implies the following risks are inherent in the process: The sender and recipient addresses may be intercepted and read by third parties, enabling them to conclude that there already is, or will soon be, a connection between you and the AWA. Even if the message is encrypted, the addresses of the sender and the recipient remain unencrypted and therefore readable. Please note that any information you may send to the AWA or request in return in electronic form, by e-mail, SMS, or any other electronic means, is as a rule sent unencrypted.

2. Cookies

Cookies are used to identify the user during the login procedure. During the login procedure a temporary cookie is created by the web server; apart from a key used to prevent dual logins, this cookie contains no further data. When you log out, the web server deletes the cookie. No cookies or temporarily stored data is used or created by this Web application during the further course of use.

You can prevent cookies being stored on your computer by ticking the box “Do not accept cookies“ in your browser. However, we would like to point out that doing this can prevent the website functioning as it should and make it difficult for us to provide you with optimal services.

3. Data safety / Login / Identification

The AWA specifically draws your attention to the dangers arising from viruses and from potential hacker attacks. It is recommended that you use the latest browser version on your computer, install anti-virus software and update it regularly to prevent infection by computer viruses. As a rule do not open e-mails or e-mail attachments if you are not sure who has sent them.

Users of the website agree to keep the user identification (login) and password secret at all times and to prevent misuse by others. Users are advised to change the password even before initially entering data, to change the password regularly and not to reveal it to others. Users carry the sole responsibility for any damages or risks connected with the loss or misuse of the user ID and/or the password.

4. Application data

Data entered by applicants on application forms will be used solely to issue work or residence permits and to gather statistics of importance to the department. Applicants’ data will not be conveyed to third parties. Application data will first be processed by the AWA and subsequently by the Migration Office. Data is only accessible to staff who are required to use it in the course of their employment. After a decision is made on the application, the data will be filed for office use for 10 years as stipulated by the legislation.

Stored data will only be utilised to the extent needed to supply supervisory authorities statistical information required for their tasks as stipulated in the legislation. No reference will be made to the applicant in any such statistical survey.

The AWA has conscientiously implemented comprehensive measures to safeguard personal data and to ensure the privacy of information contained in applications. Every conscientious effort is made to prevent data being lost, destroyed, falsified or manipulated and to avoid unauthorised access or disclosure of data. Data is entered using the 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer protocol.

When families are reunited data concerning the applicant’s children will also be stored. To protect the privacy of juveniles and children, the AWA ensures that the data collected is restricted to such data as is needed to approve an application and make an administrative decision possible, as stipulated in the legislation dealing with applications. Data will not be made accessible to third parties under any circumstances and cannot be used or misused in any way.

5. Right to view data and to withdraw applications

Users of e-Work-Permits are entitled at any time to know what information has been collected about them and to view the stored personal data. This data can be viewed at any time by consulting the application overview which is accessible to every user; stored data can be viewed irrespective of the status of an application.

Until an effective decision has been made on the application, applicants have the right to withdraw their applications. Notice to withdraw an application should be sent by registered post to the Office for Economy and Labor of the Canton of Zurich, P.O. Box 8090, Zurich, Switzerland; please include the number and date of the application.

Should you have any questions about data privacy, if you wish to know whether we have stored personal data about you and the nature of the data, or if you wish to change your personal data that we have stored, please contact us by e-mail at

© Copyright by AWA – all rights reserved. Version 1.1, valid from 1 January 2004

This Web application has been tested by a number of security specialists with reference to the following aspects of operation:

  • Operational security of the application
  • Operational security of the Web server
  • Network security
  • Hosting security

The operator of the website has taken all the necessary precautions to guarantee the security of stored data. The security measures are also subject to a continuous process of review so that they can be modified if circumstances change.

Disclaimer clause

No liability will be accepted by the Office for Economy and Labour for any consequences arising from accessing or using our Web system and website. Applicants are aware of the fact that information transmitted electronically on the Internet may be intercepted and viewed by others, and damaged or destroyed in transmission; it may arrive late, be incomplete on arrival or be lost.

In no event will the Office for Economy and Labor of the Canton of Zurich be held liable for damages or consequential damages of any kind arising from accessing the Web system and in particular the websites and or any single element of these sites (e.g. downloaded documents or forms), or through use of the sites (for example on grounds of inability to access or use the sites) or arising from third parties gaining unauthorised access to the applicant’s data stored on the Web system. The Office for Economy and Labor of the Canton of Zurich has taken all the normal technical precautions to protect data however absolute security cannot be guaranteed.