Study/gainful employment


Students with a part-time job or who are engaged in practical training are people who are studying at Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences who work part-time in addition to studying.


To study and work part-time in Switzerland, students need a valid residence permit.

An appropriate permit is required for the following types of employment:

  • Mandatory internship during studies
  • Part-time employment
  • Practical training for education at state recognised Swiss tourism and hotel management schools


  • During the school term students may accept part-time work for payment for up to 15 hours per week.
  • Permission to engage in part-time work can only be given six months after training begins.
  • Permits for holiday jobs are only valid for the duration of the regular term breaks. There is no restriction as to which branch students can work in and full-time employment (100%) is permitted. Students may not work in a self-employed capacity.
  • A work permit is required for part-time jobs and holiday jobs.

Application documents for part-time employment

  • application form
  • employment contract
  • certificate of enrolment
  • letter by the university confirming that the part-time employment does not affect the duration of studies

Depending on the application, additional documents can be requested.

Application documents for mandatory internship

  • Application form
  • Employment contract
  • Letter by the university, confirming the enrolment of the student and the duration of the internhsip
  • CV
  • Copy of relevant diplomas (if available)

Practical training for foreign students

Trainees from foreign universities and educational institutes

Applications for practical training which are an integral part of higher education, or university education, must be submitted by the university student exchange agency. The following agencies are responsible for internship exchange:

IAESTE     - Sectors science and technology

AIESEC     - Sectors management and organisation

SWIMSA   - Health care sector

Applications for practical training within the framework of an EU educational programme, such as Comett, Leonardo, or Erasmus must as a rule be submitted by agencies which have been authorised by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).