Facilitated admission for graduates

Art. 21 par. 3 AIG (Foreign Nationals and Integration Act)


The Swiss university-level diploma has to be highly specialised – therefore specific and rare.

The employment can only take place in sectors with a significant shortage of qualified personnel.

Generally, the facilitation applies for graduates who have recently concluded their studies.

Legislation (Foreign Nationals an Integration Act AIG, SR 142.20)

art. 21 AIG Priority

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3 Foreign graduates holding a Swiss university-level diploma can be admitted by way of derogation from par. 1 provided their employment is of particular scientific or economic importance. After earning their Swiss university-level diploma, they will be entitled to stay in Switzerland for six more months in order to find an appropriate employment.

Optional rule

If the criteria of Art. 21 par. 3 AIG are met, the graduate can be admitted to the labour market following the facilitated procedure.

→ There is no entitlement for facilitated admission.

→ The facilitation means that the employer does not have to prove the priority for nationals

→ Either an L- or a B-Permit can be awarded.