Creative Industries

National centre for creative industries

Zurich is Switzerland’s economic hub and boasts a high density of companies in the creative industries sector. The economic focus of people working in creative industries is on the creation, production, distribution and/or medial distribution of cultural/creative goods and services.

The following thirteen sub-segments are attributed to the creative industries cluster:

  • Music
  • Books
  • Art
  • Films
  • Radio
  • Performing arts
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Advertising
  • Software/game industry
  • Arts and crafts
  • Press/media
  • Recording industry


Creative Zurich Wednesday, four times a year

Creative industries make Zurich even more attractive

According to the statistics on enterprise structure (STATENT 2019 p.), in 2019 some 80 800 employees worked in 18 400 companies in the creative industries sector in the Canton of Zurich. The total for Switzerland as a whole was approximately 285 700 in 76 000 companies. The gross value added in the Canton of Zurich amounted to approximately 8.8 billion Swiss francs, and to 26.9 billion Swiss francs throughout Switzerland. Zurich is particulary strongly respresented in the sub-segments architecture, design, game design, music an press. Creative industries undoubtedly contribute to Zurich's leading international position in quality of life rankings, not least thanks to the rich diversity of Zurich’s music, culture and gastronomy scene as well as the regulary held events including:

Well-known representatives of creative industries

Among Zurich’s internationally renowned creative industries representatives figure: designer Alfredo Häberli, architects EM2N, Burkhalter Sumi, Gigon/Gujer, Tilla Theus, gallery owners Eva Pressenhuber, Hauser & Wirth, bag manufacturers Freitag Bros. and the music duo Yello. Other representatives are listed in the booklet Cluster Report 2011-2013: Facts, Figures and Players.