Provision of services for up to 90 days per calendar year (registration procedure)

Nationals of EU-27/EFTA Member States and employees of companies or corporations domiciled in an EU-27/EFTA Member State who are on short-term postings in Switzerland do not require a permit to stay and work in Switzerland for less than 90 working days per calendar year. The registration procedure is used.

Nationals of Croatia are able to benefit from this regulation solely in the general branches of industry and if they are posted to Switzerland.

Service providers from special branches of industry

The registration procedure does not apply to the construction, landscape gardening, industrial cleaning and security industries.

Permits are required for services provided on the basis of a special services agreement for specific branches during the entire transitional period; permits are required from the day work commences, regardless of the time required to provide the service. The responsible employment authority makes a preliminary control of compliance with the priority for nationals principle and with the conditions for wages and work. Under the Aliens Act, only highly qualified experts may be given access to the labour market provided there are good reasons to justify this. The permit is valid for the duration of the period in which the service is to be provided Nationals of Croatia are issued a short-term residence permit EU/EFTA for the duration of the period in which the service is to be provided.


Permit requirement

  • Preliminary decision based on labour market conditions
  • Responsibility lies with the cantons
  • Short-term residents who stay for up to 4 months are not counted towards quotas (contingents)

Online application (may be used several times)

  • Online application (may be used several times)
  • Application on a form (may be used once)
  • Reason for application
  • Contract for services or confirmation of contract
  • Proof of qualifications and curriculum vitae  
  • Confirmation of salary and supplementary payments