Preparation & Administration

  • We recommend that you prepare in advance to fill out the application form. On this page you will see which documents and details can be helpful to fill out the application form.

Personal data

  • Surname, forename
  • Complete address
  • Date of birth
  • Civil status
  • Nationality
  • Nationality of parents
  • Number of relatives living abroad
  • Names, dates of birth and relationship of all accompanying family members



  • Residence duration required
  • Address in the Canton of Zurich
  • List of last stays in Switzerland
  • Adherence to the visa requirement


  • Details of company and a contact within the firm
  • Clarification of the employment relationship
    Is the person concerned already employed?
    Since when or how long has the person concerned been employed?


  • Specific designation
  • Duration
  • Training, qualifications
  • Salary
  • Working hours
  • Notification of vacancy sent to the Regional Employment Agency (RAV)

Choose a password that cannot be easily guessed by others. Follow the hints to create a secure password. The more features you use, the safer the password.

Hint 1: Do not choose a password that is too short.

Instead of: lake

choose: sailoverlake

Hint 2: Make use of symbols and numbers.

Instead of: sailoverlake

choose: sail4over3lake2

Hint 3: Use a mix of upper and lower case letters.

Instead of: sail4over3lake2

choose: sAil4OveR3lakE2

Hint 4: Do not use words that occur in a dictionary. Some people like to use the first letter of the words in a saying they have memorised.

Example: Let’s cross the lake on Sunday, cross the lake on Sunday

The password that results is LctloSctloS

Hint 5: Do not use the obvious

such as

your user name

Names of members of your family, your spouse, daughter, etc.

Details available to anybody, such as your phone number, your car registration number, your e-mail address, etc.

Be careful with your password.

Under the General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCB), users are obliged to keep passwords secret. The Office for Economy and Labor (AWA) cannot be held liable for any damages or loss resulting from the misuse or loss of stolen passwords or passwords obtained under false pretences.

User profile

You can update the personal details in your user profile at any time.

Master data

Once AWA staff have checked the personal or company data you have entered, it is stored as master data. You are able to see the master data of companies and individuals. You are also able to update master data if you send the new details to the official contact at the AWA in writing. Once the data has been checked, the master data will be updated. It is only necessary to enter master data once after which it applies to all further applications.

Track status

After you have logged in you are able to view applications under "Pending Applications" or "Closed Applications".

The status of your application can be traced at all times!

Saved: Your application is saved as soon as you begin to enter data. You may change the data as often as you want until you finally submit the application.

Submitted to AWA: The application is being processed - it can be viewed under "Pending Applications". The name of the contact person also appears here.

Suspended (sent to Bern for processing): The application has been sent to the Federal Office for Immigration (BfM) for more information.   

Suspended (more information required): Supplementary details are required. In this case we will send a message indicating the same. Our request for further details can be viewed under "Pending applications" (application number in red).

Closed: The application has been closed - it can be viewed under "Closed Applications"

Withdrawn by the applicant: The application has been withdrawn and will not be processed further.

Rejected: The application has been rejected.

A useful hint:

In the user profile we offer an option that lets you get information about the status of your application at any time. Just answer the question "Would you like to be informed about any change in your application's status?" with "Yes".