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Enjoy the advantages of the e-Work Permit electronic form

Advantages of the electronic form

  • Simpler
    The application is entered step by step and you do not have to think about what type of residence permit is needed.
  • More comfortable
    If you need to apply for the same company or person more than once, you don’t have to re-enter the data.
  • Easier to manage
    All applications can be viewed at once; this lets you trace the application's progress.
  • More capacity
    Attachments of up to 10 MB can be uploaded and sent in.
  • Easy
    You can stop at any time and resume filling out the form later.

Before you finally click the mouse to send in the form, you can review the completed application on the screen. The form can be saved, printed and revised, or deleted. The electronic form should only be used if all documents are submitted electronically.

Concerns and questions

If delays occur during the processing of your online application or if other problems arise, please contact the Office for Economy and Labour (AWA). As a rule online applications are dealt with within a few working days. You can trace the progress of your application online.

Each application is dealt with by a specific member of staff. If you have any questions you are able to contact this member of staff directly. If you have any further concerns or questions, the management of the Work Permits Unit is also at your disposal.