Construction industry

Construction industry, ancillary trades, service providers

Authorisation procedure in the Canton of Zurich

Temporary stays for the purpose of providing specific services not regulated by special agreements on the provision of services and which last no longer than 90 working days per calendar year are not subject to the conditions of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (FZA) concluded by Switzerland and the EU. As a consequence no entitlement exists on the basis of the FZA. Access to the workplace is based on the Swiss Aliens Act (AuG).

The conditions for access to the workplace for persons engaged in short-term work are based on conditions in the labour market, such as control of the salary and working conditions and on the criterion that employees must be highly qualified. In some cases, highly skilled specialists in key positions may be issued a short-term residence permit. Evidence must be given of the service to be provided. The duration and purpose of the task should be documented on the basis of a valid service contract and a specific project description.

Nationals of third countries that have already exhausted the registration procedure must be able to produce evidence of professional qualifications. Unskilled workers need not apply as no permits can be issued in such cases.