Decisions of the Government Council

The transparency principle for the cantonal administration was introduced per 1 October 2008 with the entry into force of the Bill on Information and Data Protection (BIDP) and the Ordinance. «Transparency principle» means free access to official documents and the right of every person to inspect official files, as long as there is no major public or private interest in keeping a particular document confidential.

The Chancellery publishes any decisions of the Government Council (DGC) released for publication on this website. The list is not exhaustive, on the one hand because a decision has not yet been rendered or on the other hand because a decision has not yet been published, for example a decision on appeal or a personnel matter. The procedure and the criteria for the publication of its decisions have been determined by the Government Council with its decision of 9 December 2009 (DGC no. 1981/2009).