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eZürich is the platform for creative heads, ideas and projects dedicated to promoting Zurich as an ICT location.

About eZürich

eZürich is an open cooperation network that was initiated by the City of Zurich in 2010 and has been under the auspices of the City and the Canton of Zurich since 2014.

eZürich pools the energies of players based in the Zurich economic area with a view to strengthening Zurich as an ICT location, advancing young talent and promoting the visibility of expertise available in and around Zurich.

The eZürich cooperation network is open to individuals, companies and organisations interested in becoming actively involved in the network, participating in eZürich events and helping to enable projects.

On a strategic level, eZürich is managed by a programmes committee. The eZürich community includes representatives from business and academia as well as professional and specialised organisations.

Whenever possible, eZürich works with existing initiatives and is also open to collaborations.

«Together with important ICT players, eZürich implements projects in ICT-related fields for people of all ages. A case in point is the annual IT-Days (Informatiktage) during which committed professionals offer young people impressive insights into computer science as a field of work.»

Chris Krammer, Q_PERIOR

Activities & Projects 

In the course of its young history, eZürich has successfully initiated and implemented various projects, including: Informatiktage, PolitTalk Digitales Zürich, the «Züri wie neu» website, the «IT-Dreamjobs» portal, the «ICT-Cluster Dialogue» event series, as well as representation at the CEBIT trade fair.

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The annual IT-Days (Informatiktage) will be held from 12th until 16th of April 2021. The participating entities will contribute to advancing young talent and promoting Zurich as an outstanding IT location. They do so by opening their doors and offering a fascinating programme for school classes and teachers, inviting them to marvel, experience, partake and discuss in lectures, workshops and tours.

The Informatiktage 2022 will take place from 28 March to 1 April 2022.

Political decision-makers are faced with challenging questions in connection with digitalisation and its effects on society and the economy. The «PolitTalk Digital Zurich» is an opportunity for them to discuss these challenges with digitalisation experts.  

Tom Kleiber

Project Manager PolitTalk Digital Zurich



There are no events planned at the moment.

«The eZürich network enables an open dialogue between interesting personalities and the pragmatic implementation of new ideas, thus advancing digitalisation in the Zurich region and further strengthening Zurich as an ICT location.»

Tom Kleiber, SWITCH and Project Manager «PolitTalk Digital Zurich»

Shaping eZürich

The eZürich cooperation network thrives on ideas and initiatives from the community. You can become a part of the eZürich network too!

This is what we expect from our members:

  • You are a representative of a company or organisation in the ICT sector or have a close link to ICT.
  • You want to advance Zurich as an ICT location and are ready to become actively involved.
  • You are available to answer questions about Zurich as an ICT location.
  • Your organisation is prepared to help facilitate projects.
  • Your organisation will designate a C-level executive as a point of contact for questions on Zurich as an ICT location.

«eZürich is a high-calibre network that impressively promotes interaction between business, administration and academia in the ICT sector within the Zurich economic area. The IT-Days (Informatiktage) are just one example for this. It is exciting and rewarding to be a part of this network.»

Mark Waber, CEO, Puzzle ITC

Programmes Committee  

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Name Organisation
Fabian Streiff
Office for Economy and Labour, Canton of Zurich -
Business and Economic Development Division (Chair)
Abraham Bernstein University of Zurich
Yves Bisang
City of Zurich, Business and Economic Development
Patrick Burkhalter
Ergon Informatik
Markus Christen
University of Zurich
Peter Frei Accenture
Christian Grasser
Alain Gut IBM Switzerland
Beatrice Hasler-Dierauer Canton of Zurich, Digital Administration and e-Government
Sandra Herkle
ETH Zurich
Christian Hunziker
Annette Kielholz
UZH Foundation
Tom Kleiber
Chris Krammer Q_PERIOR
Sarah Lechmann University of Zurich
Anita Martinecz Fehér Office for Economy and Labour, Canton of Zurich -
Business and Economic Development Division (Coordination)
Andreas Németh
City of Zurich, Organisation and IT
Martin Otzenberger
City of Zurich, Organisation and IT
Giancarlo Palmisani
Markus Püschel
ETH Zurich
Anna Schindler
City of Zurich, Urban Development
Mark Waber Puzzle ITC
David Weber
City of Zurich, Smart City
Christian Widmer Microsoft Switzerland
Dirk Wilhelm
ZHAW & WinLink
Thomas Zwahlen

«As a member of eZürich, we appreciate the opportunity to advance Zurich’s locational appeal from the perspective of science and research while, in turn, benefitting from the network. Together with representatives from administration, business, politics and civil society, we are committed to ensuring that the digital heart of Zurich continues to beat.»

Prof. Abraham Bernstein, University of Zurich

Contact Partners

Anita Martinecz Fehér

Project Manager Entrepreneurship & ICT Division of Business and Economic Development

+41 43 259 49 92

Isabell Metzler

Head of Communication & Projects Division of Business and Economic Development

+41 43 259 26 33

Further information

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