Promoting Business and Economic Development

The Canton of Zurich is committed to providing a good environment and favourable general conditions for companies and residents in the region. This includes fostering external economic relations, promoting Zurich’s innovation capacity by connecting the relevant stakeholders in seminal industries, and supporting companies wishing to move to Zurich.

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We Support and Expedite

The Canton of Zurich is home to more than 118,000 companies that provide 1,015,000 jobs. More than 99% of companies in the Canton of Zurich are small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with fewer than 250 employees.  

A key task of the Division of Business and Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich is to support resident companies and organisations in relation to a wide range of topics and questions, including:

  • Work permits and other permits
  • Choice of location
  • Tax-related questions
  • Endeavours involving one or several public authorities (e.g. change of registered company address or company expansion)
  • Search for suitable premises/space (from 500 m2)

We also provide a one-stop-shop for more complex macroeconomic projects, bringing together all project parties concerned, in order to address the relevant questions and determine measures that ensure a swift achievement of the goals set.

We Connect & Give Inputs

We promote networking between industry, politics and academia with the goal of discerning challenges early on and enabling action to be taken accordingly. Our tools are:

  • Location-related dialogue with Zurich’s Government Council
  • Cluster events
  • Expert reports on future-related topics (horizon scanning)

In addition, we address topics relevant to the development of the local economy (e.g. technology transfer, entrepreneurship and company succession) and also give impetus. Furthermore, where possible, we help open doors and create opportunities, e.g. support in accessing local and foreign markets. 

Our Partners

Regional Partners

As a member of Zurich’s business promotion network, our shared commitment is to make sure the Zurich economic area is

  • a liveable, economically thriving and geographically varied location;
  • an attractive place to live as well as a strong business location;
  • home to a wide variety of industries;
  • a place of abundant opportunities for work, living and leisure.  

Other Partners

In addition to the business promotion network of the Canton of Zurich and the associations operating within the respective clusters, we collaborate with several other partner organisations in pursuit of our activities in Switzerland and abroad, including:


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