Office for Economy and Labour

We work for the residents and the companies in the Zurich economic region, contribute to favourable conditions, bring job seekers and employers together and we are committed to ensuring fair and modern work conditions.

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About us

Our tasks range from promoting the canton of Zurich as a business location, connecting stakeholders in key industries, granting work permits and business permits to enforcing the Labour Act, providing public employment services and counselling job seekers as well as operating the unemployment insurance and the cantonal Unemployment Insurance Fund. We are also responsible for housing loans and the cantonal unit for Economic National Supply.

The secretariats of the Tripartite Commission and the cantonal Office for Conciliation in Labour Disputes as well as the labour market monitoring unit AMOSA are also represented in the Office for Economy and Labour.

Transformation of the Office for Economy and Labour

In the coming years, the economic challenges will continue to increase. Competition among locations is intensifying, while the world of work is changing rapidly. The digital transformation, more flexible and
location-independent working models, as well as labour shortages pose major challenges for companies, the labour market and the economy as a whole. In order to be prepared for these in the best possible way, the existing economic and labour market policy competences in the currently broadly structured Office for Economy and Labour (AWA) will be strengthened organisationally. Therefore,
at the request of the Department for Economic Affairs, the Government Council had last year decided to transfer AWA into two independent offices as of 1 January 2024: an Office for Economic Affairs (AWI) and an Office for Labour (AFA).

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Dr. Ursula Gehbauer Tichler

Head of the Office for Economy and Labour

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Dr. Ursula Gehbauer Tichler, Head of the Office for Economy and Labour


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