Detained persons receive medical care in the penal institutions. Medical care ranges from dental care to emergency treatments.

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Basic medical care

The penal institutions are responsible for the basic medical care of their inmates. In some cases, the facilities have their own internal medical services, whereas other institutions will call for external medical doctors.

External care

  • External doctors ensure medical care in the Zurich Pre-Trial Prisons, Zurich Correctional Facilities (VEZ) and the Centre for correctional measures Uitikon (MZU). The medical doctors regularly visit the penal institutions and facilities.
  • The Airport Prison, the Zurich Prison, the Affoltern a. A. Prison and the Bachtel Correctional Facility also have their own internal medical services which support external doctors.

Internal care 

The Pöschwies Correctional Facility (JVA Pöschwies) has its own medical service consisting of four medical doctors and two dentists.

Three hospital beds are available to the inmates (one single room, one double room). If need be, a further room with three hospital beds may be set up at short notice.

Treatment room at the JVA Pöschwies
Treatment room at the JVA Pöschwies – In the treatment room of the JVA Pöschwies, almost anything can be treated – from a simple cold to serious sports injuries. Medicinal drugs are dispensed and taken under supervision.

Emergency treatments

In case of an emergency and more complex medical treatments, detainees are referred to hospitals in the region or to the hospital prison ward of the University Hospital of Bern.


Dental treatments are usually carried out directly at the correctional facilities. The Zurich Airport Prison, the Zurich Prison and the Pöschwies Correctional Facility have their own special equipment for dental treatments.

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