Services Provided During and After the Execution of Sentences

Corrections and Rehabilitation offers a wide range of services to detained persons while and after they are serving a sentence. These services range from basic medical care and basic education to probation assistance.

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According to Article 75 of the Criminal Code, the penal system must correspond as far as possible to the normal living conditions, guarantee the care of prisoners and counteract the harmful consequences of deprivation of liberty. For this purpose, the following correctional services are available to the imprisoned persons during and also after the imprisonment:

  • The medical and psychiatric care of the detained persons is ensured.
  • Pastoral care is available for the detainees. The pastoral care supports the detainees in overcoming personal crises.
  • Detainees are offered basic education. They are given the opportunity to carry out work assignments in the correctional facilities and to complete an appropriate vocational training.
  • Within the probation assistance system, offenders are supported in their reintegration into society.


The JuWe specialists use various measures to work towards the reintegration of offenders into society. It is a major contribution to public safety and security if former detainees are able to live an offence-free life after their release.

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In order to maintain relationships that are valuable for reintegration, to deal with urgent matters and to prepare for release, persons in the penal and measures institutions may take leave. Whether and to what extent leave can be granted depends on the individual circumstances of the person in question.

The day release employment (in German: Arbeitsexternat) and the external accommodation (in German: Wohnexternat) are preliminary stages to release and serve the gradual reintegration of the sentenced person. In the day release employment, the sentenced person works outside the correctional facility and spends his rest and leisure time in the correctional facility. If he or she proves successful in the day release employment, he or she can also live outside the correctional facility in the case of long sentences and, if necessary, be monitored electronically (EM backdoor). The person continues to be obliged to comply with the orders of the enforcement authority. In the event of a violation of the rules of the day release employment and external accommodation, the sentenced person may be immediately transferred back to the execution of the sentence or measure.

Conditions and implementation

In the canton of Zurich, the work externship is offered in the «Haus Lägern», the «Lägern house» of the Pöschwies Correctional Facility and in the Winterthur Semi-Detention Prison.

If a person has served two-thirds of his or her sentence, he or she may be released on parole if his or her behavior in custody justifies it and it cannot be assumed that he or she will commit further criminal offenses. Parole may also be granted on similar conditions in the case of a measure under Article 59 of the Swiss Penal Code.
Parole is associated with a probationary period. The executive authority may order probation assistance and issue conduct orders for the duration the probationary period. In addition, certain directives (e.g. abstinence from alcohol) may be issued.


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