There is hardly any place in the Canton of Zurich which cannot be reached by public transport (train, bus or tram). Vehicle registrations are issued by the Road Traffic Office, which will also convert your foreign driver’s licence into a locally valid licence. No permit is required for bicycles.

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Public transport

Almost any place in the Canton of Zurich can be reached by train or bus. Additionally, the city of Zurich has various tram lines. If you use public transport on a regular basis, we recommend that you inquire about travelcards or multi-journey tickets. Moreover, there are discount tickets or day passes that are offered by many municipalities at reduced prices. If you use public transport after midnight (so-called ZVV Nighttime Network), a special supplement applies in addition to the regular ticket fee (night supplement). Please check the websites of the Zurich Transport Network (Zürcher Verkehrsverbund ZVV) or the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) for more information on tickets, discounts and travelcards.

Motor vehicles (car/motorbike)

If you possess a driver’s licence, you have 12 months’ time in order to convert it into a Swiss driver’s licence. Please submit the respective application to the Road Traffic Office of the Canton of Zurich.

If you import your car or motorbike to Switzerland and wish to register it here, you must declare your car or motorbike at customs control. Once you have completed the necessary formalities of customs control, you must contact the Road Traffic Office in order to register your car or motorbike. Please note that you may only drive your motor vehicle in Switzerland if it is insured (motor vehicle insurance).

The use of the roads in Switzerland is free of charge, except for motorways. You are required to purchase a motorway tax sticker, the so-called Vignette. You may purchase a Vignette at customs control, at petrol stations and post offices or at the Road Traffic Office of the Canton of Zurich.


No permit or exam is required in Switzerland to ride a bike. It is not mandatory to wear a protective helmet, but it is certainly advisable to do so. We also recommend that you take out a personal liability insurance as you will be personally held liable if you cause damage to people or objects.

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