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Here you will find all the information on COVID-19 vaccinations in the canton of Zurich. This autumn/winter a booster vaccination is strongly recommended for all vulnerable people.

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Persons who have received a booster vaccination since 10.10.2022 are not recommended another booster vaccination after 4 months. It does not matter how many booster vaccinations have been given. Anyone who wants a further booster vaccination after 10.02.2023 can receive this as a self-payer. For persons aged 16 and over who have not yet received a booster vaccination since 10.10.2022, this will continue to be free of charge within the framework of the current vaccination recommendations in autumn/winter 2022/23.


According to the vaccination recommendation updated by the Federal Commission for Immunisation Questions (EKIF) and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) it is strongly recommend that all vulnerable people get a booster in autumn/winter 2022/2023. Everyone else aged 16 or over can also get a booster. This is particularly recommended for health professionals and carers of vulnerable people.

Strongly recommended for vulnerable people

The following people are considered vulnerable:


  • People aged 65 and over
  • People aged 16 and over with a chronic disease
  • People aged 16 and over with trisomy 21
  • Pregnant women

Vaccination offers vulnerable people at least temporary improved individual protection against severe COVID-19 and its complications.

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Pregnant women are among those at particular risk. Therefore, COVID-19 vaccination is strongly recommended before or during pregnancy. This is because the risk of severe courses of COVID-19 is higher in pregnant women than in non-pregnant people of the same age. In addition, infection can increase the risk of premature birth. The booster vaccination before or during pregnancy protects her and the unborn child.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should be vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine (not the protein vaccine from Novavax).

Vaccination with an mRNA vaccine is recommended for all pregnant women from 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, vaccination is also possible in the first trimester and can be given at the woman's request.

If pregnant women are vaccinated in a pharmacy, they must present a medical certificate (irrespective of the vaccine chosen).

  • Vaccinated persons aged 12 years and older with severe immunodeficiency: 1 booster vaccination
  • Unvaccinated persons aged 12 years and older with severe immunodeficiency: basic immunisation with 3 doses of a monovalent mRNA vaccine at intervals of at least 4 weeks plus 1 booster vaccination
  • Unvaccinated children (5-11 years) with severe immunodeficiency: 2 or 3 vaccine doses of a monovalent mRNA vaccine at intervals of at least 4 weeks

For immunodeficient persons, the use of the monovalent mRNA vaccines is recommended, as there are still hardly any data on the use of a bivalent mRNA vaccine or nuvaxovid in this group of persons.

Since 97 % of the population has antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, it can be assumed that the vast majority of unvaccinated persons have experienced a SARS-CoV-2 infection. Therefore, a single vaccination dose is recommended for unvaccinated persons aged 16 years and older, to refresh and broaden immunological memory. Alternatively, two vaccine doses 4 weeks apart are possible.


Unvaccinated BGP ≥ 16 years: 2 vaccine doses of an mRNA vaccine or Nuvaxovid 4 weeks apart.

Not recommended for children and adolescents under 16 years

Vaccination in autumn/winter 2022/2023 is not recommended for children and young people under 16. The risk of children and young people contracting severe COVID-19 is very low. Almost all of them already have antibodies against coronavirus because they have been vaccinated and/or have recovered from COVID-19.

Exception: It is recommended that non-vaccinated children and young people aged 5 to 15 years who have a chronic disease receive one dose of an mRNA vaccine, preferentially Comirnaty (Pfizer).

If there is a presumption that unvaccinated children or adolescents aged 5 till 15 years have not had an infection so far, a vaccination schedule of 2 doses at 4-week intervals is possible if the parents or guardians wish this for their child. 

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Where children and adolescents are vaccinated

  • Children up to 11 years of age are vaccinated in paediatric practices and at the EBPI reference vaccination centre in Zurich.
  • Adolescents from 12 years of age are vaccinated in paediatric practices, at the EBPI reference vaccination centre in Zurich and at the vaccination centres in Uster and Winterthur.

Accompaniment of young people from 12 to 15 years recommended

Adolescents aged 12 to 15 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or provide a signed consent form.

Vaccination hotline for advice

If you need special advice, please contact the vaccination hotline on 0848 33 66 11

After four months

Booster vaccinations should be given no earlier than four months after the last COVID-19 vaccination or four months after a known infection with the coronavirus. This also applies to persons at particular risk who have already received a booster vaccination. Other vaccinations with inactivated vaccines (such as the flu vaccination) can be given at the same time as, before or after a COVID-19 vaccination.

Recommended vaccinations free of charge

All vaccinations that comply with the recommendations are free of charge for the vaccinated. Persons who have already received a booster vaccination since 10.10.2022 are not recommended another booster vaccination after 4 months. Those who wish to receive a new booster vaccination can therefore only do so as self-payers from 10.02.2023.

Booking appointments

All persons aged 16 and over can book an appointment via the cantonal vaccination tool VacMe or the vaccination hotline 0848 33 66 11

In the vaccination centres walk-ins within the respective opening hours are possible.

Vaccination hotline: 0848 33 66 11

Monday to Sunday: 08.00–20.00 

Costs within Switzerland max. 0.08 francs/minute (exception: public payphones).

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  • Have your health insurance card ready.
  • After completing the registration, you will receive a six-digit code. Keep this in a safe place. You will need it for booking appointments and as an admission ticket at the vaccination centre.


  • Select the vaccination location and book your vaccination appointments.
  • To change or cancel a vaccination appointment, please log in to the cantonal vaccination tool again using your e-mail address or your chosen username.
  •  If you register by telephone via the vaccination hotline, you can only book an appointment by telephone.

Where to vaccinate

In the canton of Zurich you can choose between different locations for vaccination: 

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Vaccination appointments are available at the following vaccination centres:


Pharmacies are also part of the close-knit network of vaccination facilities. When booking an appointment on the registration platform, these can be selected as a vaccination site. 

Under the following link you will find the pharmacies in the canton of Zurich that offer vaccinations. They are marked with the note «COVID-19».

Many doctors' surgeries also offer vaccinations. Contact your family doctor directly about this.

You will need to present the following for being vaccinated:


  • Six-digit code (printed out or as a QR code), provided you have registered in advance in the cantonal vaccination tool.
  • Health insurance card
  • Official identity card
  • Vaccination card (optional)
  • Allergy sufferers with a history of severe reactions: medical certificate
  • Pregnant women: a doctor's prescription at pharmacies
  • Unaccompanied 12- to 15-year-olds: declaration of consent from a legal representative

The personal details as well as the place of residence will be checked at the reception.

The vaccines 

The vaccines are procured by the federal government; four are currently approved:


  • Comirnaty® (Pfizer/BioNTech)
  • Spikevax® (Moderna)
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen® (Janssen)
  • Nuvaxovid® (Novavax)

Bivalent mRNA vaccines recommended

It is recommended that the booster vaccination is preferably carried out with a (adapted) bivalent mRNA vaccine (Spikevax Bivalent or Comirnaty Bivalent) or with the protein-based vaccine Nuvaxovid, if these are available. These vaccines, as well as the monovalent mRNA vaccines, are basically suitable and recommended to prevent severe infections. The bivalent vaccine Comirnaty as well as Nuvaxovid are licensed for persons 18 years and older. For persons between 16 and 18 years of age, this is an «off label use». Nuvaxovid is only available in vaccination centres due to limited availability.

Heterologous booster vaccination possible

For the booster vaccination, it does not matter which vaccine was used for the previous vaccinations. The vaccination can therefore also be heterologous, i.e. with a different vaccine than the one used for the last vaccination(s).

Documentation of the vaccination

Proof of vaccination / Vaccination record

Your vaccinations are documented in the cantonal vaccination tool, and you can download the proof of vaccination there. If you wish, you can also obtain a printed proof of vaccination from the vaccination centre. This proof of vaccination lists the date and location of the vaccination, as well as information on the vaccine administered (trade name, manufacturer and batch number). If you have one, bring your vaccination record (»vaccine booklet”) with you to both vaccination appointments to have the COVID-19 vaccinations entered there as well.

The proof of vaccination/vaccination record is a medical certificate and not an official document.

AERZTEFON Medical hotline

+41 80 033 66 55  (around the clock)

COVID-19 vaccination infoline (FOPH)

+41 80 088 66 44 (every day from 6am - 11pm)

Further information

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