Bachtel Correctional Facility

Rotes Gebäude mit runden Fenstern

The Bachtel Correctional Facility specializes in the enforcement of open-regime sentences and alternative custodial sentences. On this site, you can find everything from the visiting hours to the job opportunities for the inmates.

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About us

The Bachtel Correctional Facility (Vollzugszentrum Bachtel, VZB) is an institution of the Zurich Correctional Facilities that specializes in the enforcement of open-regime sentences and primarily enforces alternative custodial sentences for culpably not paying monetary penalties or fines.

In addition to the alternative custodial sentences, the Bachtel Correctional Facility also enforces regular prison sentences in an open regime.

Due to its specific tasks and duties, the Bachtel Correctional Facility often deals with and takes care of people with an addiction, which is why it has good medical and social services.


  • Capacity: 94 places


  • Staff: 51,7 positions


  • Head of prison management: Philipp Steiner


Visitors can only be registered by the inmates. You can not register your visit yourself. Unregistered visitors will not be allowed into the prison.

Bachtel Correctional Facility visiting hours  

Saturday and Sunday afternoon:
2 pm to 4 pm

Every visitor must present an official document (passport, ID, foreign national identity card/permit). Driver’s licenses will not be accepted.

Gifts from visitors

Gifts to inmates are accepted on site Monday through Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. or by mail.  The gifts will be examined by the prison staff, non-admissible gifts will be rejected.

Read the Information sheet or the house regulations to see which gifts are allowed (in German):


If inmates or their visitors do not behave appropriately, the visit can be terminated immediately by the staff. Visitors who do not comply with the rules can be denied further visits.

Money transfer to inmates

Money can be handed in during visiting hours.

Money can also be transferred. Please enter your name, date of birth and free account in the payment purpose field. Please note that it may take about a week from deposit to credit. Here you will find the bank details:

Einzahlung für Vollzugszentrum Bachtel, 8340 Ringwil / Hinwil
Konto 80-2062-7
IBAN CH71 0900 0000 8000 2062 7

Supervision and treatment

Medical services are available at every enforcement institution. The inmates receive a medical check-up free of charge within seven days of first being committed to a prison.

  • If an inmate has psychological problems, they can see a psychiatrist or a psychologist.
  • The inmates have the opportunity of regularly speaking to a pastor from the Cantonal Church or representatives of other religions.
  • The social services of the prison provide social counselling for the inmates.

Education and training

The Bachtel Correctional Facility offers basic education for its inmates. This enables the inmates to close educational gaps - especially regarding reading, writing, and basic maths - improve their general knowledge, and learn how to use different learning tools such as computers. This leads to better educational, personal, and social skills.

The main goal of providing basic education is to improve the inmates’ chances when reintegrating into society and the labour market.


The inmates have the opportunity of working in different fields and workplaces.

  • Organic farming
  • Organic nursery
  • Firewood and assembly
  • Industrial production
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Machines and maintenance


The following services are offered at the Bachtel Correctional Facility:


  • Assembly work


  • Sorting and packaging


  • Document folder manufacturing


  • Processing items in series


  • Special orders


  • Mailings


  • Production of plants for the garden or balcony


  • Vegetable cultivation

Bachtel organic nursery

The Bachtel Correctional Facility specializes in selling firewood, plants, and flowers. Information on what we offer is available for download (in German):

Opening hours of the Bachtel organic nursery

Our nursery will remain closed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. You are welcome to visit our self-service stalls.


Vollzugszentrum Bachtel
Koloniestrasse 2
8340 Hinwil
Phone +41 43 258 14 50

Philipp Steiner

Head of prison management

Bild von Philipp Steiner, Leiter des Vollzugszentrums Bachtel

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Bachtel Correctional Facility


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