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Teaser Halbgefangenschaft Winterthur

At the Winterthur Semi-Detention Prison, men and women sentenced to a term of imprisonment of no more than 12 months can serve their sentences. Here, you can find out more about the general conditions of the semi-imprisonment.

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About us

The building of the Winterthur Semi-Detention Prison (Halbgefangenschaft Winterthur) is located in a quiet neighbourhood in Winterthur and belongs to the Canton of Zurich. Since 1993, men and women sentenced to a prison term of between seven days and 12 months can serve their sentences in so-called semi-detention.

It is the goal of the semi-detention to enable people sentenced to prison terms to remain in their professional and social environment although they are serving their respective sentences.

In order to be eligible for semi-detention, the sentenced person must have a day job, study or participate in an unemployment program. This activity must be carried out during the entire period of imprisonment.


  • Capacity: 38 places
  • Staff: 6,7 positions  


Visits are not permitted during the entire period of semi-detention.

To visit inmates in open regime: For a visit please make an appointment in advance by phone at +41 43 258 20 30.

Supervision and treatment

The sentenced person is responsible for his or her own medical and dental care. Doctor’s consultations must take place during work hours. The supervision of the Winterthur Semi-Detention Prison has to be informed in advance.
In case of an emergency at the Winterthur Semi-Detention Prison, the staff will provide first aid and make sure that the sentenced person will receive appropriate medical or dental care.


The sentenced person is allowed to leave the Winterthur Semi-Detention Prison for work or studies five days or nights a week. He or she has a daily time frame of a maximum of 14 hours to do so. The sentenced person spends the night and weekends in the institution and has to pay an allowance for this.


Holidays may only be granted if

  • the person concerned complies with the conditions and requirements and returns in time to the Winterthur Semi-Detention Prison
  • the person in question does not abuse the trust placed in him or her during the day release or the holiday

Holidays and prison leaves may be limited in place. They are not to be spent abroad.

Hansjörg Bürgin

Head of prison management:

Foto von Hansjörg Bürgin

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