Zurich Correctional Facilities

The Zurich Correctional Facilities comprise four institutions with inmates in closed regimes and open regimes as well as in preparatory detention, pre-deportation detention, and coercive detention. On this site, you will find interesting information on the correctional facilities and what they do.

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About us


  • Management of the Zurich Correctional Facilities (head and staff services)
  • 175,2 positions
  • Four institutions with a total capacity of 327 inmates

Tasks and responsibilities of the Zurich Correctional Facilities (VEZ)

Enforcement of

  • Prison sentences based on court verdicts
  • Alternative custodial sentences due to culpably unpaid monetary penalty or fines (men only)
  • Administrative detention


  • Placing, overseeing, providing meals for, and supervising the imprisoned persons based on the principles of Art. 74 et seqq. of the Swiss Penal Code
  • Providing medical care for the inmates
  • Providing work and/or continuing education to the inmates


  • The main goal when enforcing a prison sentence is to prevent relapses and therefore protect potential victims.
  • The objective when implementing the different forms of administrative detention is to make sure that the decisions of the migration authorities (expulsion, removal) are complied with.

Prison Management

Function Name
Head of Zurich Correctional Facilities (VEZ)
Silja Bürgi
Deputy & Head of Law Swen Schopfer
Assistant to the management
Regina Spieler
Construction and procurement Beat Schulz
Project and quality management André Tatjes
Immigration detention centre
Rico Vincenz
Affoltern a. A. Prison
Nina Albin
Winterthur Semi-Detention Prison
Hansjörg Bürgin
Bachtel Correctional Facility
Philipp Steiner


Zurich Correctional Facilities


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