Winterthur Prison

Aussenansicht des Gefängnisses Winterthur

Winterthur Prison is a pre-trial prison, housing mainly pre-trial detainees of the prosecution office Winterthur / Unterland. Here, you can find out more about the general conditions of the pre-trial prison – from visiting hours to the inmates’ work options.

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About us

Winterthur Prison (Gefängnis Winterthur) mainly houses pre-trial detainees and security detainees of the prosecution office Winterthur / Unterland.

The Winterthur Prison thus plays an important role in prosecution of the second-largest city in the Canton of Zurich. Owing to cutbacks, the Winterthur prison was temporarily disused in 2004 but had to be re-opened shortly thereafter due to persistent overcrowding – provisionally at first.

The definite re-opening of the Winterthur Prison took place on July 1st, 2005, with a slightly reduced staff number because the in-house kitchen had been closed and the catering has been outsourced.  


  • Capacity: 48 places
  • Staff: 16,0 positions


Visiting hours

Monday to Friday:
8 am to 11 am
1.30 pm to 4 pm
5.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Wednesday afternoons (reserved for families with children):
1.30 pm to 4 pm
5.30 pm to 6.30 pm

No visits are possible on national holidays.

Visitation permit and registration


  • Before you visit, you must get a visitation permit from the public prosecutor's office.
  • Advance registration by phone is mandatory for visits to the inmates: +41 43 258 17 32

Supervision & treatment

In every prison, medical service, pastoral work, and social counselling are available. In case of an inmate facing psychological problems, he may consult a psychiatrist.

Within two weeks of admission, all inmates will be given a medical check-up at no charge. Part of these check-ups are examinations of working ability and fitness for enforcement. If need be, further checks or therapies will be implemented.

For more in-depth information on supervision and treatment, please check our house regulations (in German):


For inmates in pre-trial- or in preventive detention, work or school attendance are not mandatory. If a person in pre-trial- or in preventive detention has committed to working on a voluntary basis, he or she has to carry out the tasks assigned to him or her.

Inmates carry out the following tasks:

  • Handling of articles in series
  • Mounting
  • Packing and repackaging 
  • Equipping
  • Assemblies
  • Sorting
  • Packing, labelling, and dispatching mailings
  • Cardboard packaging

Money transfer to inmates

Cash for a detained person can be handed in against receipt to the prison management during regular business hours.

Money can also be transferred. Please find the bank details below:

Name des Finanzinstituts
PostFinance, 3030 Bern
Einzahlung für
Gefängnis Winterthur, Hermann Götz-Strasse 22, 8400 Winterthur
Konto 84-2831-2
IBAN CH96 0900 0000 8400 2831 2
Clearing-Nr. 09000

Please be sure to include the first and last name of the inmate you wish to transfer funds to so that the prison management can allocate the amount to the correct account!

Leisure & holidays

Inmates have the opportunity to use the gym. In any case, inmates can complete an individual training programme in their free time in the cell. The prison management decides whether equipment for physical exercise (plastic dumbbells, etc.) is permitted.

Inmates of the security division are not allowed to use the gym.

Inmates in pre-trial or preventive detention are not granted any releases on temporary licence. Still, inmates may apply to the prison service for prison leaves that allow them to take care of legal, personal, or business-related issues that require their attendance outside the institution.  

Further information

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Karin Eggli

Head of prison management

Foto von Karin Eggli


Winterthur Prison


Hermann Götz-Strasse 22
8400 Winterthur
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+41 43 258 17 30


Visitor registration
+41 43 258 17 32

+41 43 258 17 31