Horgen Prison

Teaser Gefängnis Horgen

As of April 2020, adult male and female inmates of the police prison commonly begin their pre-trial detention term at Horgen Prison.

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About us

Horgen Prison (Gefängnis Horgen) was closed down in December 2019, at which point nobody could have imagined that it would reopen only a few months later under completely different circumstances.

The responsibility of Horgen Prison is to put those entering pre-trial detention in quarantine and, if necessary, isolation.

The objective of these elaborate quarantine and isolation measures is to prevent the virus from spreading to other facilities.


All people who begin pre-trial detention at Horgen Prison on the same day are put into the same group. This group has no direct contact with other groups and remains unchanged until its members are transferred to another prison. In the course of the 10 days and toward the end of the stay, the detained persons can get tested for SARS-CoV-2 if they want to. Additionally, their core body temperature is measured every day and they are asked daily if they have any specific symptoms. If there are no symptoms and the test is negative, the person can be transferred to one of the other pre-trial prisons after 10 days.

People who do not want to get tested must remain at Horgen Prison for a minimum of 14 days.


If an incarcerated person shows symptoms that are on the list of the Federal Office of Public Health, they are immediately isolated in their cell and have no more direct contact with other inmates. Strict rules concerning hygiene must be observed by both the sick person and the staff. Additionally, if a person shows symptoms, they will undergo a PCR test to see if they have been infected with SARS-CoV-2. If the results are positive, the person is moved to the isolation station. If the results are negative, the sick person can go back to their group.

Horgen Prison is not a hospital. As soon as there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 and the staff has reason to believe that there might be complications, the infected person is moved to a hospital.

Care services

The inmates have access to medical care and basic psychiatric care, to Corrections and Rehabilitation’s social services, and to pastoral care.

In order to further reduce the risk of an infection during the time at Horgen Prison, a few special rules apply:


Only lawyers can visit Horgen Prison inmates. At Horgen Prison, visits from lawyers require written approval from the authority in charge (public prosecutor's office or court) and there must be a screen/partition between lawyer and inmate.

Call this phone number to schedule your visit: 043 258 15 51

Unfortunately, friends and family can not visit the inmates. They must wait until the detained person has been transferred to another prison.

Gifts and parcels

Gifts are not accepted at Horgen Prison.

You can not send any parcels to Horgen Prison. Please wait until the recipient has been transferred to another prison.

Cash and transfer of money

Cash is not accepted

Money transfer

FIf you wish to transfer money to a person who is detained in Horgen Prison, please make an electronic payment via online banking with the following information:

Payment for: Name of the beneficiary Gefängnis Horgen
Burghaldenstrasse 1
8810 Horgen
Bank account: 61-292573-8
IBAN CH51 0900 0000 6129 2573 8

As reason for payment («Zahlungszweck»), you must indicate the first and last name of the person for whom the money is intended (beneficiary) so that the prison administration can allocate the money to the right account.

Daniel Bosshart

Head of prison management

Foto von Daniel Bosshart


Horgen Prison


Burghaldenstrasse 1
8810 Horgen
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