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With its well-trained expert staff, the Psychiatric-Psychological Service ensures that incarcerated people have access to offence-oriented, relapse-preventing therapy. Here is an overview of the services we offer.

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About us

The Psychiatric-Psychological Service (PPS) has 50 employees from various professional backgrounds (psychology, medicine, nursing) that work together in an interdisciplinary setting.


The PPS’s mandate comprises the psychiatric, psychological, and psychotherapeutic treatment of clients in court-ordered as well as voluntary therapies in the canton of Zurich. The therapeutic measures take place both intra- and extramurally and are carried out in a one-on-one or group setting, depending on the indication. They are conceptualized in content-coordinated sequences.

In a team-oriented, multi-level process, an initial standardized therapy assessment (triage) is conducted and the treatment planned. The focus lies on risk factors, resources, and re-socializing measures alike.

Therapeutic services are provided lege artis and continuously examined, revised, and evaluated both internally as well as externally. The treatment concept of the PPS has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard since 2014.


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The Outpatient Adult Forensics Department (Ambulante Erwachsenenforensik, AEF) is responsible for the implementation of outpatient measures according to art. 63 of the Swiss Criminal Code. The AEF treats indefinitely incarcerated patients as well as voluntary clients, if indicated. The treatment undergoes comprehensive quality control and is structured in a sequential manner. (Personal) treatment continuity is ensured throughout the sequences.

The Inpatient Adult Forensics Department (Stationäre Erwachsenenforensik, StEF) is in charge of carrying out inpatient measures according to art. 59 par. 3 of the SCC. The treatment is regularly assessed with regards to quality and structured in a sequential manner. The different steps of the offence-oriented, relapse-preventing work, crucial to forensic therapy, are usually effectuated in the inpatient measures ward of the forensic-psychiatric unit.

The case-oriented work in the milieu-therapeutic setting is carried out in core teams and reflected, evaluated, and steered in quality control circles.

The Adolescent Forensics Department (Adoleszentenforensik, AF) is responsible for the sequential forensic treatment of adolescent and young adult offenders. The AF team works on-site at the Centre for Correctional Measures Uitikon (MZU) and is therefore also a part of the MZU’s interdisciplinary team. In addition to the therapeutic treatment of teenagers and young adults aged 16 to 30 with measures according to art. 61 of the SCC, art. 15 of the Juvenile Criminal Law Act in combination with art. 16.3 of the JCLA and art. 25, the AF is also responsible for preliminary evaluations of the clients as well as their risk assessments at the beginning of and during the measure.

The Psychiatric Forensics Department (Psychiatrische Forensik, PF) under the head physician is responsible for clients who receive therapy from the PPS. The department is in charge of the psychiatric care and the planning of the corresponding treatment for clients treated by the PPS. Furthermore, it is responsible for examining and implementing legal specifications in the field of medicine and health as well as for coordinative tasks in cooperation with the primary psychiatric care, provided by the Zurich University Hospital (Universitätsklinik Zürich, PUK).

The Quality Management and Projects Department (Qualitätsmanagement und Projekte, QMP) acts as an interface and a service provider within the PPS. This department coordinates the administration within the PPS, but also between the PPS and its various partners. The QMP also supports the different clinical departments of the PPS in the implementation of measures. Additionally, the QMP spearheads various projects in the field of quality management, such as the introduction and implementation of digital processes or the certification of our treatments to ISO standards.


Function Name
Head of the main department Matthias Stürm
Outpatient Adult Forensics Department (Staff & Treatment)
Claudia Massau
Evaluation & Development
Stefan Schmalbach
Inpatient Adult Forensics Department Angelika Oberhauser
Adolescent Forensics Department Évi Forgó Baer
Clinical Support
- Psychiatric Forensics
- Unit for initial therapeutic assessments
Michael Braunschweig
Quality Management & Projects
- Triage and Controlling
- Quality Management

Karin Garcia
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